A New Home


The fine folks over on South Padre Island have given the Island Princess a new tower to write from to escape the evil curse she was under. Island Princess was cursed by an evil witch who said she had to write with Blogger, a terrible site where she had her blog – Pure Padre. The curse meant that the Princess wrote and wrote but her efforts were fruitless. Her stories were shortened to an almost childish level and frustrating in their level of  inferiority.  The fine folks at South Padre Island built her this fancy new tower with WiFi and set up the Princess with a Pure Padre spot at WordPress, a place she loves. Speaking of loving, check out the new tower on South Padre Island.

There is cool window art with a tropical theme:



When the sun rises in the east it comes through the glass, sending streaks of color thoughout.


The town provides fresh flowers every morning in her one room at the top of the tower.


The Island Princess  is still cursed and cannot leave the tower. She must stay imprisoned until she finds true Nerdvana and is able to handle all her technical problems. For now when the Island Princess has technical problems, all she has to do is lower her hair and her new Twitter tech friends will climb up to help her. Her best friends are of course @southpadrelive, @shaine, @JoniParagraphs, @sandyfeet, @SCAustin, and of course, @Whams. (Whams is contantly trying to get the Princess to lower her hair so he and his friends can climb up and party in the tower. He even sends her extensions in the mail. What gall!)

Island Princess has been blessed with a booming career as an Island Princess and will go back to producing top-notch stories that her readers deserve. There are too many stories and interesting people to feature to waste three hours on each story. She feels happy about this. “I have too many people following this blog and loving it to produce substandard work,” she said. This will be the home of Pure Padre. This year is moving too fast to be bogged down by anything inferior. Only the best for the Princess and her readers! I see a happy ending now, don’t you?



~ by islandprincess15 on February 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “A New Home”

  1. South Padre Island beckons me and its the first time I’ve ever heard about this magical place. I’m a student at 40. My plans were to move somewhere warm year round. Maybe this is my destiny. My major is graphic design but I’ve a photographer as well. I have a few sites on social sites. I’m working on some personal sites of my own. I starting to really love my twitter and when I got my notification that you were following me, I wanted to check out your sites. Looks like you found Heaven. My minister always has told me that heaven is here on Earth.

    • It pleases me greatly that I was able to open your eyes to what we have right here in Texas. I LOVE it here. I have met and married the most wonderful man here, have a beautiful daughter, have a place on the water and have met the nicest people here. You need to visit us and see if you would love living here too. We do! Come join us in paradise!

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