Valentine’s Mercado II

This is Nancy Mardsen, one of the team behind the South Padre Island Mercados.vday-093









She is responsible for giving merchants a chance to sell their wares and for people to have another fun and interesting activity to do on Padre.vday-092









 People were wearing interesting t-shirts.vday-101




















What happens when you combine  the fun atmosphere of South Padre Island…vday-118











with the beautiful and romantic scenery?vday-1161








 Even Satan gets a girlfriend. vday-131









Just kidding, this was a wrestler in town. Professional wrestling is back on South Padre after 8 long years without it. Welcome back wrestlers!vday-107









This is what it is like to eat on the deck at Louie’s Backyard on the bay side of South Padre Island in South Texas. Where the weather is balmy all winter long.










People LOVE IT down here!










People of all ages were out enjoying the warm sunshine.vday-102









Bellydancers kept the audience entranced by their sensual and intriguing dance moves.vday-095









It was just beautiful to watch.vday-099









 The dancing ladies were entertaining the crowd that had gathered to sample the chili in the Sugar and Spice Chili Cookoff.














































 vday-068There were a lot of people there…









Even up on the mezzanine levelvday-109









Soon everyone was waiting to see who was going to win the coveted awards.










 These winners deserve all the recognition they received.




























Miller Lite took the coveted first place award.










Their win was due to training on a mostly liquid diet and the breakfast of champions… beer!










Our raffle winner, Ubaldo Velasquez, won the Island Princess Enterprises Valentine’s Day Raffle. I, Island Princess, personally delivered his beautiful prize:  a Valentine’s Day Basket consisting of a big ol’ fluffy bear holding a heart, a bottle of wine (non-alcoholic, non-police involvement, non-bailnecessary wine), wine glasses, soothing bath salts, chocolate rose, heart filled with chocolates, mint chocolates, and other goodies. His girlfriend was thrilled he won such a grand prize!










His friends were equally pleased and not AT ALL upset that their ticket was not chosen.










A man told me he wanted a basket like the one in the raffle, so after Mercado was over, I came home and whipped this up for him before his girlfriend whipped up on him.












 This was the scene after all the basket making and candy bag opening. It is a wonder I made it out of that room at all with all the candy laying around. If I don’t post in a few days it is because I am passed out on the floor in the living room, in a chocolate coma.  












This mercado was definitely more successful than the last for Island Princess Enterprises. We had consistent sales all day long in all areas of merchandise. I met many fans of this blog, many Winter Texans came over to thank me for all the help I had given advice-wise in person, on the net and on the phone. If you ever need anything you may reach me at


~ by islandprincess15 on February 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Valentine’s Mercado II”

  1. OMG! I must get one of those “I love Frijoles” shirts! 🙂 And a visit to the Island is long over due as well. 🙂

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