Valentine Mercado II

If you were here with me, you would find beauty at every turn of the head. It is hypnotizing.










You will find some of the coolest art on the planet here.










and meet some of the coolest people.










Our artists take the mundane and create something wonderful out of it.










I had a card saying I was a member of the Intl. Idiots Club but I lost it.










Satan doesn’t like paparrazzi.










You can still get tickets to Sylvia, a wonderful play that will be presented this Thursday, February 19th. Contact me at and I will forward the info to Jacky Conrad, another of the team behind these wonderful Mercados.










Even while Island Princess was taking these photos, her booth was still rockin’ at the Valentine’s Day Mercado in front of Louie’s Backyard.










These hand-painted glass balls would look good in a window, in a sunroom, in my daughter’s room.












The weather has been so beautiful, people have been eating out on the patios at all of our restaurants.










You owe it to yourself to treat the family to an awesome vacation at the beach that is affordable and memorable. Check out one of the top three zoos in the nation here and that is just ONE of the many, many, many fun things to do here: parasailing, horseback riding, ATV riding, kiteboarding, swimming, golf, tennis, and good old-fashioned playing on the beach like a kid… digging sandcastles or taking a lesson from @sandyfeet, running in the water, fishing the surf. So much to do, you need to be here.


~ by islandprincess15 on February 17, 2009.

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