The Lasses’ Lovely Luncheons

Winter Texans are people who make it a point to get the heck out of the cold, blustery, below-zero, horrible, mushy, freezing weather up north and come down and enjoy our winters which are really a mild summer. This is the scene almost year-round on beautiful South Padre Island.










Sadly, the Winter Texans are beginning to pack up their gear and go back home. I will miss my friends dearly.  It is not just a cliche’ but the years really seem to go faster as you get older. I wouldn’t know about aging. I was 34 for four years in a row. Two dear friends of mine, Joyce and Mary, will be leaving soon and it will really hurt. We laugh and laugh so much. The women on South Padre Island are incredible – beautiful inside and out, smart, witty, kind, resourceful, resilient. I have honestly met the most fantastic women in my life on South Padre.

My friends and I gathered for lunch once a week on Weds. at nice places.










Eating healthily does not mean blandly.










When the word got out that the Island Princess needed wine bottles for her art she was inundated with bottles so this wall rack caught her eye.










Island Princess noticed there were wires leading to each bottle and wondered about terrorists and infiltration when the hostess with the mostess said, “Do you want me to turn it on for you?”












“WOAH!” I said.













It LOOKS like they are about to have a smackdown but professional wrestling won’t be here til next month. Actually these are my two friends, Joyce and Mary, having a delightful conversation.  We LOAO whenever we get together.










This is the beautiful view of the pool from the restaurant at the hotel, the Isla Grand, formerly the Raddisson.








You see a lot of awesome ocean-themed art on the island.












and just some plain cool things. This is “Rad” in the lobby of the hotel. The hotel changed its name but I don’t know if the bird did. Do they change the names to protect the innocent when birds are involved?












You need to seriously consider coming down here, even if it is just for a weekend jaunt from another part of Texas. It is fun, beautiful and affordable and the people here are as great as the food is!


~ by islandprincess15 on February 21, 2009.

One Response to “The Lasses’ Lovely Luncheons”

  1. Just found your site, beautiful, informative of past events on the Island. This snowbird is thankful to have met you, getting to know you some at Paragraphs while filling the shelves with new books. I will follow your blog when I am back home in MN. Sandy

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