A Celebration of Two Cultures

A man just asked my boss where he got the “attractive help.” He doesn’t understand.  Most of  the women are  beautiful here. We are on the border of Mexico and the United States. The population is mostly Hispanic so the women and men are attractive, the food is really fantastic and the weather is beautiful and perfect most days. Most people here are bilingual and bicultural. There is a strong sense of family and community down here. Most everyone is genuinely helpful and generous. We believe that “mi casa es tu casa” (our house is your house) and if you need the shirt off our backs, we would give it to you.  Parents value a good education and the doors that one opens. We have many kids who make us proud. One very special time of the year here is at the end of February when we celebrate the biculturality of the area.

Brownsville, Texas and its sister city in Mexico, Matamoros celebrate the union of these two wonderful nations and cultures in a days-long celebration called “Charro Days.” The schools shut down so the kids can perform in the children’s parade on Thursday, the lighted parade at night on Friday and another one on Saturday. There is a fair with carnival rides, a Sombrero Festival with booths and contests, performing musical groups, and loads of people enjoying the weather, a cold drink, good food and good music.

There are three major parades that take place in Brownsville where the whole city comes out to watch the beautiful floats.












Charro Days has been celebrated for over 75 years and the floats and parade are a long-standing tradition.












These photos are courtesy of Ciri Laugh. You can see how this festival is a feast for the senses from the dancing children in the parades, to the Sombrerofest, to the beard-growing contest, to the carnival and so much more. If you have a chance to go, it is very much worth the visit to this beautiful tropical city.



~ by islandprincess15 on February 23, 2009.

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