Where is South Padre Island?

Everyone is now wondering, “Where in the world is South Padre Island?” Well, it is in the U.S. but south where it is warm year-round.










It is a barrier island off the coast of South Texas so there is lots of beach to play in, surf on, lay beside, run through, swim in, parasail over, kiteboard over, jet ski over, banana-boat ride over, snorkel in, fish in, jump in and lay in and feel the warm tropical waters rush over your body. .. or you could recreate that famous scene from, “From Here to Eternity.”










This is seriously a tropical zone and cold weather or a freeze would devastate us.










Many people rely on the agriculture here and cold ruins the grapefruit and oranges in the many orchards. Our climate is similar to Florida’s. 










Because it is tropical, you see the most beautiful plants and flowers here … absolutely gorgeous. 














Some people fall in love with the area, build their dream home, and stay here to live the rest of their life in paradise.












We have live music in our clubs and even the South Padre Island International Music Festival.










So you can party like an animal here, if you are so inclined, just don’t grab the wrong kind of fruit on the tree, if you know what I mean. 











 This is an actual lighthouse that was used to guide ships to the mainland. Look closely at the foreground. Do you see the shadow that looks like the robot from MST3K took the picture? That is TOO funny.












This is not even a sunrise on the beach. This is one over the island itself. Those are condos and high-rises on the horizon.









The sunsets are gloriously golden and spectacular.










Start considering a beach vacation right here in Texas where the water is great, the food is awesome and the fun never ends!


~ by islandprincess15 on February 25, 2009.

One Response to “Where is South Padre Island?”

  1. wow…looks like a magical island..I’d love to go there sometime..great blog..thanks for letting me know about it..love a blog with lots of photos.
    Stuart Stirling

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