elvisBefore my husband, Capt. Terry, went to serve in Vietnam, he made it a point to see Graceland because none of those young men knew if they were ever going to come back. He was in full uniform and was gazing at the enormity of Elvis’ estate from the famous front gates, when a golf cart pulled up and the driver said, “How would you like to meet Elvis?”  Terry said, “Yeah, right,” knowing how seemingly insignificant a regular human being would be to the superstar that was Elvis. The driver said, “No, I’m serious, Elvis saw you and wants to know if you want to come in.” It was pouring down rain so Terry saw how Elvis might have really invited him in. He was brought into the immense but secure world that was Elvis’. Elvis relayed how different his world was from Terry’s. He was a prisoner of his own fame.  He said that he couldn’t go anywhere (without causing a riot) and if he wanted to see a movie, he had to rent out the whole theater. They spent a good hour talking and sharing their lives. It is an experience Terry will never forget and treasures deeply but you can see the other side of  fame and fortune when you look at it from Elvis’ point of view. He was absolutely beautiful, his voice made you melt, he was a man of faith, charming, witty and adorable and the effect he had on people was indescribable.

This was clearly visible to me when Steve Davis, an Elvis illusionist, performed this weekend at Club Pelican West. The women lined up to greet him when he entered. I felt an adrenaline rush myself that kind of spread through the room, to be honest with you. I was able to imagine what it would have been like to have been around in Elvis’ heyday or to have been fortunate enough to see him in person. I could only imagine… 










which was not hard to do because Mr. Steve Davis was incredible. He was charming and handsome and had the same voice in both speaking and singing as Elvis. His singing was dead-on (sorry about the pun).
























 He had all the women’s hearts aflutter.











No one can contest the fact that Elvis had an incredible voice and Steve Davis’ was so similar to Elvis’ it was incredible!











 He captivated the audience with spot-on singing of Elvis’ classic  rock-n-roll hits.


“You Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog”













His outfit was perfect…












 down to the last detail…














 Can you imagine what it would have been like to see Elvis perform? Steve Davis made it easy to imagine you were there with him. 









 We all know how the band Pelican West jams, this night was no different. 














I cannot describe how awesome this show was. Who hasn’t enjoyed going back in time and singing along to the spectacular and unique voice that belonged to the one and only Elvis?












Steve Davis’ voice was incredible and if you closed your eyes, you could easily imagine you were there at a live performance of Elvis’.














 Name your top three favorite Elvis hits right now.












It is hard to choose because there were so many, but I was lucky enough tonight to have heard them in Elvis’ voice.  All the women were swooning over him and the lucky ones who got a scarf were beaming.














 He threw some of the scarves up to the screaming fans on the top level of the club














 because he packed them in












and had the women gushing over him just like they did with Elvis.












We were reminded of Elvis’  big heart and strong faith. There was a fantastic finale that included the fine young men and women of the Coast Guard that reminded everyone how Elvis proudly served his country. The standing ovation Mr. Davis received was fitting for he was the consumate professional performer that Elvis was.




















Phenomenom only barely describes the experience that was Elvis and thanks to Club Pelican West and specifically, Mr. Steve Davis,  I will forever be grateful that I was allowed to experience it. It is like trying to explain what being in a swimming pool or hot tub is like to someone or what a moonlit walk on the beach is like. You can try to put it in words, but there are no words to convey how something feels and this show made my heart race, made me swoon, made me remember Elvis for the magnificent beautiful human being he was.  Mr. Davis captured it perfectly and shared his incredible gift with us… incredible is all I can say.



~ by islandprincess15 on March 1, 2009.

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  2. great post! luv the pics..looks like you had tons of fun:)

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