Winter Texans are Leaving

This is the time of the year when many migrations occur, yet the annual migration out of South Padre Island at this time of the year is when our beloved Winter Texans leave this tropical paradise to go back to their homes up north. This is my friend Joyce from Kansas.  I only get to see her in the winter and even then it is never enough because of time constraints.










We always have a great time when we spend life together.










We agreed to have lunch before they left.










It was a beautifully scenic day.










Everybody was out enjoying the sunshine. This is a dolphin watch trip you can take when you come here.











Just by chance, a pirate ship showed up when we were having lunch.













It looks so authentic, it would probably scare me if I were out on a ship on the seas and it came up next to us.










Even the pirates “shooting” at us from the Jolly Roger looked intimidating and real.










Winter Texans are nicknamed “snowbirds” because they migrate south for the winter and wisely enjoy tropical paradise instead of enduring treacherous  roads, power outages, snowstorms, and temperatures that are below freezing. They are the wisest birds in the bird family.










This little birdie told me that you could enjoy beautiful blue skies and warm sunny weather if you decide to treat yourself to some time on the beach.














If you stay in a high-rise, you could have a view like this:










It is all up to you. We are here and affordable. Why don’t you seriously consider a trip down here that does not have to be expensive? It does have to be one thing – FUN!


~ by islandprincess15 on March 5, 2009.

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