Pole Position II

How many manly men does it take to make popcorn? FIVE- One to hold the Jiffy-Pop and 4 to shake the stove.

When a truck knocked the light off a pole at a local restaurant, electric company workers had to show up to fix it. One by one by one they showed up. 











I want the “pole holder-upper” job.
































Ready for this? This is how many trucks and men were used to put up that pole. Amazing, huh?



~ by islandprincess15 on March 8, 2009.

One Response to “Pole Position II”

  1. Makes perfect sense to me! I mean … that’s just the way they do it. There’s a supervisor, a crane man, two linemen crews, and a swamper (the one actually working). Each drives a dang truck.

    The reason is because so many electrical linemen got killed working on “hot” lines. So now they go to school for years and have very specialized tasks – and DO NOT ASK THEM TO CHANGE A LIGHTBULB.

    That’s for the “lightbulb crew.”

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