Getting Ready for Spring Break

South Padre Island is a Spring Break mecca. Spring Break is what put South Padre Island on the map so every year thousands of excited, exciteable young men and women come down to relax, imbibe of both sun and alcohol, and check out the babes. These three priorities: sun, booze, and babes take precedence over all else so it is up to the city of Padre Island to prepare for these fine young men and women to protect them. A few weeks before Texas Week, the most populous week of March for the island, preparations begin for the huge influx of tourists. The island’s traffic is rerouted on heavy days into one huge circle, kind of like 6th Str. on Halloween in Austin, TX. These two workers were getting ready by putting up temporary fencing and they allowed me to take pictures of them. They had the whole island to do.












They had a special banging thingamajigee. Who makes special banging thingamajigees anyway?













Whoever does came up with the LX2000, the granddaddy of banging thingamajigees and these guys had one.












































Pretty soon these girls are going to wish THEY had protective fencing around THEM.










 This picture of my shadow lets you see that I am a gnome in the daytime and an island princess at night. It is a curse put on me by an evil witch. You can see that story if you look in the archives back to the very first post on this blog. It will explain why I am here and why I must write. Thank you to all the followers who are now regular readers of this blog. It makes this princess happy knowing she is able to bring a smile to people’s faces.  



~ by islandprincess15 on March 11, 2009.

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