Spring Break 2009

South Padre Island is bracing for yet another great Spring Break season. Spring Break here gets so crowded that the traffic needs to be rerouted and fences are set up with the safety of the public in mind.








People flock here because they want to play in the water. This is a tropical area so we mostly have warm weather year-round.










Some people have learned how to skim over water less than an inch deep.










People  heard there was a big party so they got their friends and  headed out. Actually you could hear the bass thumping for half a mile away on the beach.










You see planes advertising the clubs that fill up with Spring Breakers celebrating their one week off like it was the last week of vacation they were going to get the whole year long.


















The island still has northerners we affectionately call “Winter Texans”  here soaking up the last bit of sun they can before they head up north to the freezing cold.










You need to bring your own “tasty refreshments” to this party because it does get kind of big and we can’t provide for everyone. 










I said, “Kind of big” right?










More to come later…


~ by islandprincess15 on March 12, 2009.

One Response to “Spring Break 2009”

  1. Well I’m no winter Texan, but I live in north Texas so I don’t get many oppurtunities to see the better half of this beautifull state. Haven’t been to Padre since I was 7. We made a mistake a couple of years ago and went to Galveston. It wasn’t till we got home that we were told how much better Padre is. My fiancé is a bit regretfull that Galveston was her first visit to any beach. Was still great to get away and Padre island is on our itinerary for our next trip. We like it calm though so spring break would be too busy for us. We’ll probably pick a wednesday to arrive and be home by Friday night. LOL

    Great post and pictures. Can’t wait to see it with my own eyes again! I didn’t fully appreciate it when I was 7. Especially since I got the worst sunburn of my life on that trip:-(


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