South Padre Island’s Party Accommodations

So I get into this big party on South Padre Island called “Spring Break” and I noticed the really cool guests had t-shirts on with “South Padre Island” on them. They were really cool and I would bet that the flourescent colors glow in the black lights at the crowded clubs at night, but that is a totally different scene altogether.












This guy was able to make this orange square hover with his mental powers. Actually, there were games you could play all over the place.












There were a lot of people there.












I noticed that people were dancing and having fun and did not seem to mind the lack of accommodations.

























They just danced their hearts out …












and didn’t care (or seem to notice) that one of the guests was not even a real human.












 They did not care that there was no one had built a floor. They just slept right on the sand.










They did not care that no chairs were provided at this party so seating was limited. These girls had to sit on each other’s laps just to have a place to sit.













I’m just kidding; those girls were not sitting on each other. They were having a blast dancing to the booming, loud, thumping music resonating everywhere.













Everyone was having such a good time, they did not mind that there was no pool, they just built their own.spring-break-0981








Now, speaking as a hostess, it must be a really good party when your guests don’t care that you have provided no floor, no beds, no seating and no pool but they are still having a blast! South Padre Island knows how to throw a good party! The sun is out, the weather is great and everyone out here is having a FANTASTIC time! I have one question in mind: Why aren’t you here with us enjoying the sun, the beach, the hot bodies, the fun and the island?


~ by islandprincess15 on March 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “South Padre Island’s Party Accommodations”

  1. I want the number for the girlie with the pink polka-dot bikini! Appreciate the pics, amiga.

  2. Nice post!

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