My boss got me access to a high-rise on South Padre Island with the rest of a crew. Instead of being with the crew I disappeared to balconies with the great views because I was thinking of you, my readers, and wishing you could have been with me waaay up there in the sky in a luxurious condo. I got my camera and started clicking away at the gorgeous scenery instead of being in the other room with the rest of them and listening to instructions. 

I couldn’t help it. The views were incredible. This is a shot of the bridge you have to take to get to the island from the mainland. South Padre Island is right off the Gulf Coast in South Texas. This is the longest causeway in Texas. This is the bridge you will take when you come to this gorgeous, affordable paradise right here in the states. Do not believe rumors that we were wiped out by the hurricanes that hurt the coast last year. We luckily were spared. Things are rockin’ and rollin’ on the island now and we want you to come spend some time in this tropical paradise.










One side of the island is the bay side. The bay is the body of water in between the mainland and the island. It is calm and great to go fishing in. You can catch trout, flounder, Jack Cavelle, and many other species and it would be nice if you could go with Gladiator II Adventures  because they are wonderfully nice people and the captain has over 50 years of fishing adventure experience.










The other side of the island is the Gulf side and this is where the beach is. You could go fishing with Gladiator II Adventures because they provide offshore trolling fishing trips as well. You could catch sailfish, tarpon, amberjack, Mahi Mahi, barracuda, tuna, Spanish mackerel, white marlin,  cobia, and other species, not counting bottom feeders. There is a whole world of exciting fishing out there.










So then my boss yells at me to go into the living room area & help out with the job, so I go, get my instructions and then they all left to go do their specific jobs. I was alone in the condo. I was there to work, not take pictures, he kindly let me know before he left. So I was there all alone and I looked out the window and I was WAAY- HIGH UP in the sky. I was so high that cars seemed smaller than matchboxes and people were dots but I was there to work not mess around so I focused on the job at hand and then I looked out the window and saw red smoke drifting by. My first thought was, “Damnit! That’s my luck. 15,000 stories off the ground and there has to be a fire. The elevators will be out & I will have to jump. How soft is sand when you hit it going 300 miles an hour? Then I looked out the window to see where the smoke was coming from and this is what I saw.










I swear I was not drinking and glad I have pictures to prove there really were lines of wavy, squiggly red smoke in the sky.




























































Of course, when I told the crew that came back that I saw men in the sky with red smoke trailing from them their first thought was, “What red were you smoking?”

Thank goodness I had my camera with me and my readers know that there really were little men in the sky emitting curvy lines of red smoke and I was not doing anything illegal that involved smoke, red, or anything else. This was all part of a display that was put on for the tourists on the beach because South Padre Island is all about treating its guests to the best time ever. You need to be here in the balmy tropical weather barefoot in the sand on the beach (See the beach live here ) You could be relaxing on the beach next to your full ice chest, sunning, swimming, parasailing or surfing. You could be horseback riding along the shore. We offer many more activities that are perfect for you, whether you are active or like me, pretty stagnant. Kicking back on the beach just watching the waves and the babes walk by qualifies as an activity (luckily) I am working on creating fishing packages where the women can be getting spa treatment while the brave men go fishing then both meet up for dinner and drinks at one of the many fine establishments on the island. You can also plan your wedding in paradise by going here. That is the ultimate… having your wedding in paradise.

Isn’t it beautiful here?


~ by islandprincess15 on March 31, 2009.

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