Do It For You

 I started a diet and exercise program today that I was supposed to have stuck to in February with the rest of the p90x gang. I gave up. It doesn’t take much for me to give in to temptation. I love good fried food. This is some of the shrimp we get down here and that is actually a gargantuan lemon next to it. South Texas is agricultural so there are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables year-round. We live on a delta where the Rio Grande River spills into the Gulf of Mexico so the soil is super-rich, dark and aromatic… seriously. There is no clay here. It is real fertile soil where if you drop a toothpick it will grow into a telephone pole by morning. A fork will become a pitchfork overnight. Well, not really but this is a huge Rio Grande Valley lemon the size of a small orange next to the Gulf shrimp in the photo. Citrus is huge down here both literally and as an industry. It rarely freezes down here (temps sink to the 30’s and 20’s on bad years) but a freeze devastates the citrus industry down here. This part of Texas has field after field of corn, onions, watermelons, sorghum, cabbage, and too many other crops to mention. The shrimp is big; it is just dwarfed by the humongous lemon.










 I also have a weakness for sweets. This is a pumpkin cake with caramel sweetness dripping all over it. The filling is a pumpkin flavored Cool Whip mixture.












 Even vegetables that look bland can taste delicious to the one who enjoys eating them.










 meals-002This was my dinner tonight.











 This was my husband’s because he is my rock of support.













This is a chicken salad sandwich I made when I was trying. Diet food does not have to look scant, bland or unappealing.










 The good thing about living down here is the fresh fruit that we can get any day of the year. 










 A man asked me, “Why are you dieting?” Well, the answer is a woman feels unattractive if she does not have a killer body and looks to go with it. This is me parking the car.










Everyone knows that a girl with a killer body is the life of the party and the center of attention wherever she goes.












 A gorgeous body is a thing of beauty.













Sure, guys will still look at your brain and how intelligent you are on the inside. 













 If you have a killer body, you could have a boyfriend at any age or of any age.













So today I begin counting calories, exercising and hoping to become a… well, you know. Even the skinny cow on the package has curves.



~ by islandprincess15 on April 9, 2009.

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  2. Looks delicious 🙂

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