CVB’s Tourist Appreciation Celebration

National Travel and Tourism Week May 9-17, 2009 was celebrated with flair on South Padre Island today with a shindig put on by the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

The fun decor was very appealing and stopped traffic. There was a steady flow of people and cars stopping all day long.

tent 1









The booths were bustling with activity because there were all kinds of helpful and essential information and cool gifts there.

visitors centersapphire 039









The sea-themed decorations used on the displays were adorable.










There was nothing but smiles as people greeted each other as they met new friends and old. Lili DeRousie was an absolute joy to meet. She made sure everyone was taken care of.










She gave me a cool SPI (South Padre Island) coozie and rummaged through all the COLD cokes to find me a Diet Coke so I would not cave, break my diet, and tear into the scrumptious snacks and goodies they offered. They even had different types of freshly made cookies for us.

my6 booty


















Mayra Nunez (left) was so helpful and friendly, it made me proud to know she was representing the area.










South Padre Island is a favorite vacation spot year-round. Winter Texans are generally older folk who have lived long enough to know that life is short and there is no need to suffer through the harsh winters up north. They generally come down in October or November and stay until spring. A lucky few stay down here permanently.










These are some of the friendly folk on South Padre Island. Sally Garza welcomed visitors with a great smile.










William Silva and Janelle Vela are always willing to lend a helping hand.










Debbie Kelley is fantastic, friendly, and fun. Next time you are down here, make sure you say “Hi” to her. She made the delicious cookies.










The decor was in a summery theme that took me straight to summer barbecues and lazy summer days. What better place to spend long summer days than South Padre Island? We have barbecues, beach, fireworks every Friday night, sun and fun here.








Even our phone book has a tropical theme. If you need a book or an ad in that book, you can call Alex Grossman at 956-761-4100 and he will help you out.












Good food and great helpful info. What more could a person want?

visitors centersapphire 036









Ever meet one of those guys EVERYBODY likes? I have. His name is Jaime and I LOVE running into him. If you ever need an ad in the paper, he is the guy to call. (956) 4331571. He was the guy we trusted with our advertising at Gladiator II Adventures. We are not big and don’t have a big budget, so it was very important to us to get someone who understood our needs and worked with us. Now, Jaime has won our hearts, not just our business and in business, that is what you need to do to keep a customer coming back. It is the way to keep customers coming to you for the rest of their lives. People don’t like change. We wouldn’t trust our newspaper advertising to anybody else.

visitors centersapphire 029









The Visitor’s Center is on the left when you come off the bridge, or causeway, and has a beautiful tropical stone fountain in front of it.












Inside the Visitor’s Center is the amazing handiwork of our resident master of sand, Sandy Feet, who is internationally known. You can find books on her art at Paragraphs on Padre, the Island’s new bookstore at 5505 Padre Blvd.




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