SPI Kite Roundup Winds Up


The SPI Kiteboard Round Up wound up in style this past weekend.

kiteboarding2 010












Professional and amateur kiteboarders took to the bayside of South Padre Island, TX to show how beautiful and exciting harnessing the power of the wind can be.

kiteboarding2 006











These guys did not come to look at the pretty bodies as some students tend to do during Spring Break.

+kiteboarding2 017








 Their beautiful fit bodies come as a byproduct of their lifestyle. NONE of them had any body fat and all of them had six pack abs.

kiteboarding2 015












These guys were able to dance on the surface of the water like it was made for them.

kiteboarding2 012









Their agility on the water and in the air made for some excellent shots.

kiteboarding2 009






I don’t know how so many kiteboarders were able to not get tangled up but no one did.

kiteboarding2 014









Even the ladies were out there flying on the water.

kiteboarding2 008










The weather was so perfect for the kiteboarders, it was as if they had custom-ordered it as part of a vacation package.

kiteboarding2 005









They made it look so easy you wanted to try it but actually it is a very dangerous sport. The wind is a powerful, powerful ally but can be your enemy in a split second. If you land incorrectly, you could break your legs from the sheer force so it is a hobby that is taken very seriously and must be prepared for. There were clinics and trainers available for lessons.

kiteboarding2 004









The Island’s own kiteboarding instructor, Jeff, from Air Padre (in white sunglasses) was there to make sure everyone was tken care of because that is how it is done on South Padre Island.

kiteboarding2 019


~ by islandprincess15 on May 13, 2009.

One Response to “SPI Kite Roundup Winds Up”

  1. Looks like a lot of fun.

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