South Padre Island’s Turtle Tea Party 2009

This year’s Turtle Tea (celebrating Turtle Days on South Padre Island, TX) was an absolutely delightful affair.

teaparty pier19 palmst 032









Marvelous hats were graciously provided.

teaparty pier19 palmst 027









Some ladies brought their own.

teaparty pier19 palmst 034









Magnificent masks for the Turtle Ball were available.

teaparty pier19 palmst 028












teaparty pier19 palmst 030









The refreshments provided were absolutely delectable and that pound cake was perfectly moist and delicious. Special breads were even brought in from Harlingen, TX. The pineapple punch was perfectly pleasing.

teaparty pier19 palmst 026









It was a great opportunity to make new friends…

teaparty pier19 palmst 039












and have a splendid afternoon.

teaparty pier19 palmst 064









The party was held in the courtyard of South Padre Island’s new bookstore, Paragraphs on Padre, which is so enticing to bibliophiles like me. I dare you to go in there and NOT find an armful of books that are must-reads.










The antique chest was the perfect piece to complement that space in the entryway.

teaparty pier19 palmst 044












Just seeing this picture of South Padre Island’s darling, Nancy Mardsen, made me smile.

teaparty pier19 palmst 061












Stephanie pulled her look together with a sea-themed handbag that was superb.

teaparty pier19 palmst 052









teaparty pier19 palmst 063









The great turnout spoke volumes about this year’s tea party being an unmitigated success.

teaparty pier19 palmst 053









Our host, Joni Montover, is enjoying great success at her bookstore as more and more people discover the delightful titles she has to offer. If you haven’t yet, you owe it to yourself to treat yourself to a visit to this fabulous and impressive bookstore right on Padre Blvd.

teaparty pier19 palmst 066









The building has impressive windows with great views.

teaparty pier19 palmst 047









and very lovely, colorful landscaping. The beautiful olive green bookstore is found at 5505 Padre Blvd. on the north side of the island on the left hand side and holds new and used books.

teaparty pier19 palmst 058


~ by islandprincess15 on May 17, 2009.

One Response to “South Padre Island’s Turtle Tea Party 2009”

  1. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time…

    What’s the name of the new bookstore ??

    Who owns it ??

    The hats made it extra fun…

    Do any of the gals that attended – have Twitter Accounts ?? I’d like to add them — my Twitter is

    Have a great Summer….

    ~Patricia Kaehler

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