Parrot Eyes Restaurant and Bar

There is a place right on the water on the north side of South Padre Island you should check out while you are here. The name is a great play on words, Parrot Eyes since that is where it is located, in paradise.












The large building has beautiful curves countering sharp angles.

memorial day 007











Extraordinary woodwork is its signature.

memorial day 017











The parrot theme is carried from the outside

parroteye bikerfest day 2 026













parrot glass





















gifts 2










gifts 1












shirts on wall











You can choose to eat outside on the spacious deck

busy w ppl









while you listen to tropical music.

memorial day 008










There is an inside and outside bar.

memorial day 013











This is definitely the place for cold brew, good friends

ppl w hats









and fun.










Not only is the food delicious, it comes in healthy servings. Who doesn’t love that?

take home









They celebrated their opening with flair










and the ribbon cutting was a festive affair.

owner w ribbon









The fun part is being able to ride your jet ski right up to the dock.

memorial day 015









Great food, great fun and great convenience makes Parrot Eyes at 5801 Padre Blvd. a must-see!

memorial day 016


~ by islandprincess15 on June 1, 2009.

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