Pier 19

As the “Island Princess” I always get asked for recommendations and one of my favorite places to recommend is the Pier 19 Restaurant & Bar on the bay. Why do I like it so much? The food is good and the views are great. It has incredibly unique views because it actually is a pier and reaches so far out over the water.












You have so many options there besides what to choose off the great menu. You get to choose what kind of dining experience you will have by your location, first off. You can choose to eat inside.

memorial day 051









There is an indoor bar should you wish to imbibe in air-conditioned coolness.

bar inside









You can choose to eat outside and feel a part of the tropical scenery.

memorial day 047









You will not be disappointed if you sit outside because there are so many neat things to see.

memorial day 049









If you sit outside, you will see something strange you might mistake for a telescope. It is not a scope of any kind; it is a cannon and there IS a need for it.










It is used to stave off the pirates.










South Padre Island has a pirate ship roaming its waters.  They don’t take prisoners but they DO “shoot” at the pier while the pier “shoots” back.










It is great fun and excitement for those who don’t see pirate ships and cannonfire normally as they sit outside.










Fighting words are said between the pirate ship crew and the cannon master. It’s as much a treat for the guests on the boat.




















Once the boat is gone, it transorms immediately back into a tranquil place.










Giant, awesome shots of the area remind you where you are and why the bay is calm water.

map inside









The incredible views are what makes this spot spectacular.

bar shot 2

















 That raspberry dressing is delicious. I do my research.


Among the many cool things to buy in the sizeable gift shop, this is a shirt I want. How funny and cool is this?



~ by islandprincess15 on June 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Pier 19”

  1. Hey Lady,

    Another great post. I do check it out now and again! Thanks for keeping us in the loop! BTW, I will be down in November and December this year…..maybe for good! we shall see! Take care,


  2. This is my dream!
    i like

  3. Hi, Can I ask a few questions about vacationing at South Padre during the summer?

    During the month of July, what is the temperature like on the beach at the hottest part of the day (the actual temps)? What is the temperature like in the evening and at night? Is it humid during the month of July?

    Are mosquitos a problem during the month of July on the beach in the populated areas of South Padre? I’ve read that they are bad in the swampy areas.

    Can you tell me the names of some of the hotels or resorts that are right on the beach with balconies overlooking the gulf? So many advertise right on the beach, but which ones are actually telling the truth.

    Thank you. I am trying to plan a vacation to South Padre during July but I don’t know if my husband will be able to go with me because he can’t take the heat well at all. We are from Texas near Dallas where it gets HOT during the summer. He usually spends all of summer indoors in the A/C.

    If the temps are too hot for him, I may come alone. Is there another camping facility that allows tents other than Isla Blanca Park and that has shower facilities?

    I appreciate any help you can give me.

    Sara Mattice

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