Pier 19 Hookers Bar – Grand Opening


Hooker’s Palapas Bar held it’s grand opening ceremony recently and many people turned out to see it.

 shot 1









The live music provided by Andrew Sanders was a nice, unexpected treat.











The weather was beautiful, sun was setting & beer was flowing. What more could you want for a perfect party?

shot 2










Maybe some delicious food? That was provided.

teaparty pier19 palmst 092











It truly is the crew that makes the restaurant. If you have good people who take pride in their work and have a great work ethic, it really helps your restaurant be a success. It is a good team that makes a business succeed.











The owner, Scott Friedmann, takes a moment to speak to the crowd and give thanks for all the support shown.






















It was good to meet new friends and see some old ones.







































































What I love about Pier 19 (the restaurant that is home to Hooker’s Bar) is the neat things you can see happening in the water. This ship passing by was huge but the jetskier was not even close to sizeable compared to that huge barge.

teaparty pier19 palmst 097










The bar is down at the end of this wooden pier.

teaparty pier19 palmst 086










picnic table










This much cuteness is just too much for one kid.



~ by islandprincess15 on June 5, 2009.

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