South Best Breakfast Spot on South Padre Island

Benny’s By the Bay is my favorite breakfast spot on South Padre Island because of the great deals you get – good food, BIG servings, low price and a wonderful hometown feel to the place but did you know that for some feathered friends of mine MY BACKYARD is a great place for a good breakfast? Here is a Great Blue Heron stopping by for a snack.

stork 006










The fish was so big, I could not see how he was possibly going to get it down.

stork 005










I’m sure he was wondering that too.

stork 001










stork 003










This was a catfish and had sharp spikes so as we were quietly watching this, my husband and I were discussing if he would eat the fish or not. I said it was dangerous and the spikes could pierce its throat and cause serious infection at the least. My husband said to leave the situation alone and let nature take its course.


stork 004










stork 002










stork 007










You can still see the huge fish in the bird’s elegant, s-curved neck.

stork 008










I just went out there as this happened yesterday, and our little beautiful buddy is out there again this morning at 7 a.m. I guess nature has its way of making the improbable, edible and made for an interesting lesson for me.


~ by islandprincess15 on June 22, 2009.

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