Get YOUR Feet Sandy with Sandyfeet

Remember when you were little and it was second nature to build sandcastles?


sandyatbeach 034










Did you know that if you had been taught as a child to bring water up to the beach and use it to create a thing of beauty, your life could have been radically changed?













You could have been taught to take regular sand and create beautiful pieces of art right out of your own mind’s imagination.

sandyatbeach 027










Nothing could stop your fancy from taking over and becoming reality.













Imagine the fantastic mystical castles you could have created…

sandyatbeach 024












Imagine the sculptures that weren’t ever created because you were not guided in the right direction. So many Mona Lisa’s, David’s and busts of Washington that never were… because you did not take the little time it takes to learn the fundamentals of sandcastle building.

sandyatbeach 022










South Padre Island has a wonderful “gem” in its treasure chest. Her name is “Sandyfeet” and she is the sweetest and best sandsculpture instructor you could ever have for yourself, your children or your family or guests. She can show you the basics…

snd 3












She can show you how to make the majestic castles you have wanted to create since you were a child. You still have that desire. Now is the time to take the hand-eye coordination you have as an adult and use it to create stunning castles you can be proud of.  Imagine if your children were taught that skill now? It could instill in them a love of art that could add a wonderful facet to their lives.











Sandyfeet can show you little tricks to make your sandcastle unique. See how the curvy and asymetrical lines create flow in her masterpieces? She is a member of the Sons of the Beach (professional sandcastle sculptors) and a famous celebrity on South Padre Island. When you meet her, you will know why she is the darling of South Padre Island. You just can’t meet nicer folks, especially those opening the door to beautiful art in your life. You can have a lifelong skill that will bring joy to you and yours if you click here and then call her at (956) 459-2928.

sand 2


~ by islandprincess15 on June 23, 2009.

One Response to “Get YOUR Feet Sandy with Sandyfeet”

  1. I have had the privilege of meeting Sandy a couple times. She is a wonderful person!!!!!


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