The Beach on South Padre Island

All I have to do is cross the street after I get out of work and I am at the beach.











There is always lots to see.











The two swimmers on the left are not really trying to get  out of the way of the boat almost on top of them but the two-dimensionality of photography makes it look like they are screaming and running for their lives.











Everything is awesome on South Padre Island. Our seagulls are so awesome, they even do formations.

Here is the “Mark of Zorro” they worked on for weeks.












Here is a pyramid.











Think I’m kidding?

I am.


The vibrant colors of the umbrellas reminded me of a beach ball.












“Buried treasure, my foot!”













The only thing buried in this part of the island that day was family members.











I encountered this little Roanoke by the pavilion.












This little dude just completely does NOT get it.












“No, really, Mom, I got this.”













These kids DID get it.












I am always asked to report the truth about the island because people are so far away, there is no way they can know the real truth about the conditions here.  This is my foot in the water at the beach on 6/30/09 at about 4:30 p.m. Do with that information what you will but know that this upcoming Fourth of July weekend is going to be the best weekend of the year for South Padre Island.












If you haven’t booked a room yet, you might luck out and find one. We are booked solid for fishing trips at Gladiator II Adventures and have been bringing in really big fish every trip.

I was out of town and missed a Gladiator II fishing trip so I had asked a friend to take pictures. Gladiator II brought in big mahi-mahi’s they caught.  My friend’s camera failed him so there were no pictures taken of the beautiful mahi-mahi catch. I am back now and am posting pictures of my feet in the water. ALLLLRIGHTYTHEN. Gosh, I am so lucky people love me like they do.


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