South Padre Island – July Madness

The sun rises over beautiful South Padre Island heralding the beginning of another glorious day on this tropical island retreat.











This island is full of characters whose boats are as unique as they are. This one reminded me of the huts on Gilligan’s Island.












The fishing is fantastic here. These are kingfish brought in by the crew of the Gladiator II Adventures:












This is my dear friend, Gaye, who had the complete patriotic outfit on for the Fourth of July.















Thomas pointed out that locals know they are called Snowcones but call them “raspas” (the Spanish translation) anyway.













Sweet, sweet syrup on ice. Is there anything better on a hot summer’s day?















The cooling refreshment is loved by young and old alike.












Dolphin watch trips can be found all over the island. They are so much fun because they are a boat trip, an educational experience and a wonder to watch the water’s angels.











South Padre Island has its own waterpark, Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark, on the south side of the island near the Sea Ranch and Benny’s By the Bay, where you can get fantastic breakfasts and lunch for low, low prices. They are famous for their delicious cinnamon rolls, breakfasts and spectacular shrimp dishes.












The police are also busy watching those who are watching the beautiful surroundings instead of the speed limit. Please do not speed while you are down here and we allow no glass containers on the beach. We are also VERY against litterers so please help us keep paradise beautiful while you are on our gorgeous beaches.



~ by islandprincess15 on July 11, 2009.

One Response to “South Padre Island – July Madness”

  1. I had a fellow from Acapulco, tell me I was killing the Spanish language calling a snow cone a “raspa”. After thinking for a minute he suggested the more correct term should be something that sounded more like “raspada”which would mean chipped ice? I tried to tell him it wasn’t me, that everywhere in the Valley they are called “raspa”, however he just knew I was wrong and wrong is wrong.

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