Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark on South Padre Island

Don’t let the lush tropical foliage at Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark fool you into thinking it is some laid-back place with a slow tempo.











The lazy seagulls may help create the slow-paced, let-what-happen-may feel of the place.











But watch what happens if you are in the right place at the right time:













You may be able to “boogie board” while thousands of gallons of water shoot under you.









Watching the little kids succeed at this activity, gave me an I-can-do-this-too attitude.











and I did, I was able to ride it like these kids and only bit it trying to spin. If I can do this, anyone can… kind of. Okay, not really, but you can try.












Temperatures are hitting three digits all over Texas.













There are large thatched-roof cabanas where you can put your belongings while you go have fun. Schlitterbahn allows ice chests so you may pack your own lunch, snacks, and drinks which saves money for families or those watching their spending.













If you like, you can always buy the delicious food they have there. There are barbecued turkey legs, hot dogs, funnel cakes, ice cream dots and many other delicious choices. You can have a waiter/waitress come to your table under the big pavilion and be served your meal or you can choose to eat at the restaurant they have upstairs, The Shrimp Haus (soon to be featured in another post).











There is a plethora of interesting and beautiful things available at the gift shop from swimsuits, their coverups, sandals, souveniers, and all kinds of really cool, unique things.















The Ridley sea turtle will always be a special creature to South Padre Island. This is the link to the Sea Turtle, Inc., a wonderful place where sea turtles are loved like they should be. 













Schlitterbahn offers a vast selection of temporary tatoos for your pleasure. 



~ by islandprincess15 on July 15, 2009.

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