Manuel’s Restaurant in Port Isabel, Texas

Port Isabel’s lighthouse is a renowned landmark for its historical significance.

It was a beacon that led ships into the harbors of this historically-rich town.


big litehouse

In the “Lighthouse Square”, the area surrounding the lighthouse that is known for its unique but quaint boutiques, lies another Port Isabel landmark, Manuel’s. Manuel Barroso, who has loved cooking since childhood, opened this  restaurant in 1983. He watched it zoom straight to the top in popularity. When asked what he liked most about his day, he said, “getting to meet people,” and he certainly does. People come from all over the place to enjoy the gargantuan tacos or the delicious Mexican food choices he offers.

manuels and sea trek 028

Manuel’s is renowned for their flour tortillas, as big in taste as they are in circumference. These 18″ monsters are truly worth the affordable price.

big tort

We used a menu here as a point of reference for you to see how huge they really are.

manuels and sea trek 020

This beautiful model is another point of reference so you can see how gargantuan the breakfast tacos are.

manuels and sea trek 022

When I try to make flour tortillas, they do not come out round; they come out in the shapes of states… Utah, Nevada, Florida 😦  Graciela makes them perfectly.

manuels and sea trek 031

This sight amazed me.

manuels and sea trek 029

Manuel’s offers many delicious entrees that include: beef tacos, fajita plates, enchiladas, carne guisada, etc.

mex plates

Carne guisada is a delectable dish that is a meat stew with many spices. It takes the right balance of herbs, spices, meat and cooking time to get it right. Manuel’s does it right.

carne quisada

Manuel’s is also known for their scrumptious ribs. This is one of many orders of ribs I saw being ordered while we were there doing “research.”


Manuel’s is known as a place for “regulars” to hang out and many customers are known by their first name.

guy waiter

They are truly well-loved by their clientele.

wait & cust

The waitress, Yolanda, was friendly, outgoing and made us feel welcome. Her cheery smile was certainly welcoming.

manuels and sea trek 018

Almost every single table was taken when we went for breakfast.

crowd 2

manuels and sea trek 024

manuels and sea trek 033

The decor was an homage to the movie, “Scarface”.

wall art

I am an avid reader, so what really struck me was that they provided reading material for you while you wait as your food is being prepared.

manuels and sea trek 027

The Manuel’s wall of fame:

pic wall

If you are in Port Isabel and want to try one of their HUGE tacos or any other of the many delicious items on their menu, you can find them one block behind the lighthouse at 313 Maxan Street. Just look for the big red roof that says “Manuel’s.” Manuel’s is definitely one of the places you must dine at while in the area. If you’d like to call them, their number is (956) 943-1655.


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