Beachcomber’s Fine Art Show

The 50th Anniversary Beachcomber’s Fine Art Show is being held at the South Padre Island Convention Center this weekend. There are many artists and beautiful works of art that will strike your fancy. The work  of Mrs. Joanna Ordonez of Videriosa Glassworks really struck me as outstandingly stunning glasswork. The artist calls it, “Art for the soul inspired by the sun.”
























Texas bluebonnets











This is the beautiful Joanna Ordonez.











These pendants shimmered as if she had captured the sun’s rays on glass.











Our beautiful model got one that said “LOVE” because without love, life is nothing.













It’s hard to love with a barbed wire chaining your heart down so this piece of work struck me as beautiful.






















The stunning works were a hit and Mrs. Ordonez’s sales were very successful. Even while I was there, there was a line of people in her booth.













This heart is burdened but not with spikes, maybe the person he/she loved left her but he/she has gotten over the pain. You never know with art; it can tell all kinds of stories.

jimmys joanna wildfork 085










This made me LOL and a lady there said, “That made me crack up too.” There were many glass coasters to choose from but I still think this one’s my favorite.










 JoAnna’s work may be seen at or

The Beachcomber’s Art Show is still going on right now at the Convention Center. It is only $3.00 to get in and you can see literally, thousands of really neat things from Western Art, Modern Art, Coastal Art Paintings (many), photography, belts, too many things to describe. If you want something out of the ordinary, you should go down to the Convention Center on the North side of the Island. The Convention Center looks like this:

baking birds 081










The paintings of the whales are gargantuan in size.

baking birds 070


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One Response to “Beachcomber’s Fine Art Show”

  1. Thanks so much Pat ! It was wonderful to see you again and the photos are fantastic ! xoxox, JoAnna

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