Black Dragon Cruises #4

It takes a special kind of person to be a pirate on South Padre Island’s Black Dragon Cruises. Are you up to the challenge?


pirate louis bungee 058










There is actually a code for pirates you must adhere to if your aim is to become a pirate.


pirate louis bungee 188












You must promise to follow all pirate rules


pirate louis bungee 191










and swear to share the treasure you find equally.

pirate louis bungee 192













Pirate Robatodo read the age-old Pirates’ Code of Conduct off a weathered piece of canvas.

pirate louis bungee 187













They danced around the ship making beautiful music together.

pirate louis bungee 178













Pretty Pirate Princess Penelope led the parade.

pirate louis bungee 179













This is guaranteed family fun for all ages.


pirate louis bungee 180













The kids absolutely loved it!


pirate louis bungee 181












My gorgeous daughter even got a certificate. Moustaches are sexy, you know.














The memories of that trip will last a lifetime.




~ by islandprincess15 on July 29, 2009.

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