Pirate Ship Cruise #3

If there ever was a swashbuckling crew on a pirate ship, it is the one on the Black Dragon Cruises Adventure that runs out of Port Isabel’s Pirate’s Landing at the base of the bridge to beautiful South Padre Island, TX. From the moment you step on this sizeable ship, you are transported back into a time when swords and the quest for treasure ruled on pirate ships.


pirate louis bungee 037













Pirate Roba-todo was a swaggering swashbuckler if there ever was one.


pirate louis bungee 038













Never trust a pirate. He just may turn on you.


pirate louis bungee 049











There was exciting swashbuckling to be seen.


pirate louis bungee 047













You could watch the breathtaking action from the upper deck as you got an incredible panoramic view of the seas as you rode.


pirate louis bungee 040













Or you could be down on the deck in the middle of all the action.


pirate louis bungee 067











Never EVER give up a pirate’s hiding spot, you might get shot!


pirate louis bungee 048











Here the honorary pirates were being trained on how to do ship-to-shore attacks. They hid down low as they approached shore.


pirate louis bungee 066











Quietly, slowly, and even more quietly still they crept up on the unsuspecting crowd having a peaceful dinner on the deck at Pier 19 Restaurant.


pirate louis bungee 068













The pirates believed that they would attack on an oblivious crowd at Pier 19 Restaurant and Bar but they shot back with cannonfire.


pirate louis bungee 071










So a draw was called and everyone left on friendly terms (til the next pirate attack in a few hours).


pirate louis bungee 072













Stephanie, Gladiator II Offshore Fishing Adventures model, had a roaringly fun time and got soaked in all the water gunfighting.


pirate louis bungee 065













This pirate ship adventure is PERFECT for younger kids – they REALLY got into it!  If you want to treat the family, and especially, your kids to a trip they will remember forever, take them on a trip on the exciting and fun Black Dragon Cruises Pirate Ship –  www.blackdragoncruises.com


~ by islandprincess15 on July 30, 2009.

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