Black Dragon #1

Be ready for a fun-filled adventure when you board the Black Dragon pirate ship in Port Isabel, TX on the base of the bridge that takes you to beautiful South Padre Island, TX. There are all kinds of action-packed sights to behold on the high seas.
















There is swashbuckling like you have never seen it.













Especially if you did not see it coming!













These children’s faces tell the whole story.













You get your memories saved forever.














You will have access to sights that not many have access to when you are on this ship. This is the old causeway that was used to get on and off the island. Though it has been replaced by a multi-million dollar causeway, I have heard through the ol’ fishing grapevine that there is some fantastic fishing there.













There are wonderful sights to see as you cruise on the very big ship, the Black Dragon.















Though I do not consider myself too conservative, I did not approve of this at all. Where is the decency nowadays? ?















Look at the way the skeleton is sitting there with no pants on. Who allows this sort of thing? For goodness’ sakes!

I have always loved the way light shimmers across the tops of waves. It is just beautiful.















These parasailers were waaaaaaayy up there.












You get to see dolphins as part of your magical pirate ride.












These kayakers landed on ground that was on the other side of the bay and began acting like they had landed in Mexico. They began exploring and fawning over their wondrous finds. They were still in the United States but you have to let people have their excitement so we just cruised right on by and let them think they were in Mexico.












To book your exciting and memory-filled ride on the Black Dragon, go to


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