Black Dragon Cruises #2

When you go on the Black Dragon Pirate Cruiseship you will hear tales of swashbuckling pirates on the high seas.












Pirate Roba-todo and Gunney Bill captivate the audience with their exciting tales of adventure.












You are allowed to roam freely once the ship is on the seas, so I immediately made my way to the bow of the ship. (Don’t start yelling, “I’M KING OF THE  WORLD!” cuz people look at you weird.)


pirate louis bungee 045













Even though, they’re the ones who look weird with their silly moustaches painted on their faces by the pirates.












Anyway, at the bow of the ship, you have the best view for all the sights you will see on the high seas.

You will see passersby on fast ships of their own. These are divers headed out to sea to plunge into the depths of the ocean and explore the other world down there.













You will pass ships going on dolphin watch cruises.













You will BE PASSED by people speeding by on jet skis.









As you head out to deep seas, you will see that I was telling the truth when I said you could stay in ANY kind of accommodation while on South Padre Island.












And then you will reach it, one of the most beautiful spots on your pirate ship adventure. Dolphin Playground.


I cannot relay the excitement or beauty of this part of the trip on video or photos, you just have to be there to see the marvel of these beautiful creatures with your own eyes.


















You are really up there when you are on the upper deck, here is a photo taken for your reference – Pirate Princess Stephanie with her attractive handlebar moustache.  (Notice how unnervingly close you get to the causeway.)














The kids have a chance to do some swashbuckling themselves.













They get their own dolphin painted on their arm as a momento of the exciting dolphin watch part of the trip.












What kid doesn’t look great with a cool dolphin on their arm, and what mom doesn’t look cool with a curly handlebar moustache? Isn’t this ride the coolest?














You can reach Black Dragon Cruises at


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