Benny’s (Part 2) – Best Breakfast on South Padre Island

It’s Sunday morning as I write this and I really don’t feel like making a big ol’ mess in the kitchen but I do want home-cooked eggs, maybe some kind of meat and bread, maybe pancakes or French toast. I should head on over to Benny’s By the Bay Cafe for the best breakfast on South Padre Island.

Good hash browns are hard to find, Benny’s makes them to your specifications. If you want them extra-crispy, they can do that. What I love about their breakfast specials is they don’t skimp on anything. This half-moon of ham is really huge and thick. I like that.


bennys 015










Sometimes I want a breakfast taco. Benny’s makes yours exactly how you want it and you can pick up a half a dozen or so To Go for your co-workers. Prices start at a low $1.50 and then increase according to ingredients added but they are made to order by a chef right in front of your very eyes and the salsa ingredients are hand-chopped in the restaurant.

bennys 049










Benny’s has great service and the waitresses there are friendly, cheerful and always have a beautiful smile on their faces.  No great place ever became great without a great crew and Benny’s has a fine team that works hard to make your experience there really nice.

bennys 047












Remember hating looking at the want ads when you were younger? I hated that Catch-22 of – “Well, how can I get experience if all the jobs posted are saying previous experience necessary?”  Benny’s is great because they will help out the community by giving high-school students a start on life by giving them their first chance: they train and guide high-schoolers through their first job experience. This waitress is Deion, a local junior in high school, who is considering a future in the medical field. In the background, Adrian is getting his first experience as cashier.

bennys 017










“Migas” (Mexican breakfast dish) are crispy corn tortillas cooked with soft scrambled eggs with tomatoes, onions, and typically chiles but you can have the chiles excluded and opt for the ones in the homemade salsa instead. The migas at Benny’s have long been my favorite because of the healthy serving size and the low price for good migas. Some places cannot get the corn tortillas right and serve them soggy. Benny’s has the best I ever had, including my own. There I said it. Theirs is better than the ones I make at home. Well, that is why I go out: 1) So I don’t have to cook it myself 2) It’s good 3) The price is affordable. Migas I can make myself but Benny’s makes them better. Plus, I get beans with the meal. Beans take hours to make at home.


bennys 013













One item on the menu I will never make at home is cinnamon rolls. Even though I am a baker, I am not all into kneading, rolling and learning how to make new things now.. and why should I if Benny’s does it for me? Benny’s has been famous for their cinnamon rolls for a long time. Their massive size impresses everyone, even the heartiest eater. When you find out the price, you will be amazed as well. Benny’s has had people come in from all over the world telling them that theirs was the best cinnamon roll they had ever had in their life. Even a guy from Chicago said that and that impressed me as well. The price on these massive monsters is ridiculously low – a measley $2.00 each for a cinnamon roll almost four times the size of your hand. I have seen some really huge ones that are truly incredible!


bennys 003










The cinnamon rolls are baked there every morning but sell-out quickly. If you want a pan (as some people often do) it is best that you call and reserve your order the day before as they are usually sold-out by 10 am sometimes. You can reach Benny’s at 772-1775


When I got there, these biscuits had just come out of the oven. Their biscuits remind me of my mother’s homemade buttermilk biscuits she made from scratch that I used to eat with butter and jelly. Benny’s can serve you these simply delicious biscuits hot with golden, melting butter and grape or strawberry jelly, whichever way you prefer…


bennys 002










or grilled with butter, or in an order of fresh biscuits and gravy. Good biscuits and gravy is hard to find but I found it at Benny’s.












Another great find was the smallest thing on the menu. The egg sandwich should be small in theory, because it is an egg sandwich but it has been Benny-ized which means it is huge and tastes fantastic. This egg sandwich  is delicious scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese all layered in big grilled slices of Texas-sized toast.












Benny’s also offers some specialty pancake items. Pictured here are chocolate-chip pancakes which are a hit with the kids and even some adults. I will go into further detail with the specialty pancake items and the other items on the menu,












but now I think I am in the mood for a big omelet with ham, cheese, bell pepper, mushrooms, onion, tomato and cheese. Guess where I am going to get it? Benny’s is a hidden gem on South Padre Island. To get there you take a right when you get off the causeway and go towards Schlitterbahn. When you get to Schlitterbahn, go into the parking lot of the Sea Ranch and go towards the water where all those businesses are towards the back. There is Murphy’s, South Padre Boat Sales, the harbormaster and Benny’s right by the water… right by the bay. Benny’s by the Bay Cafe – it’s where you should go today.


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