Benny’s By the Bay

The pictures I take on this blog can in no way relay certain things like:  how great the water feels, the relaxing comfort of lounging on a raft as you drift in the lazy river at Schlitterbahn or how delicious something tastes.


This omelet I got at Benny’s by the Bay Cafe had cubes of ham, flavorful mushrooms, onions, bell pepper and a cup of love in it. It was pretty big. Picture a slice of toast in your hand. Now note how small the slices of toast seem when placed next to this humongous omelet.


aqua dog 005











People come to Benny’s for the great food, big servings and low prices.


yes 1










This is Walter Conrad, the owner, adding a cup of love to Island Princess, Jr.’s Banana Foster Pancakes.


aqua dog 006













Brown sugar is melted with butter in a pan then poured lovingly over the pancakes and freshly sliced banana then topped off with whipped cream. OMG! It is soooo good. The whipped cream started to melt before I took the picture but it’s all about the taste and this tastes fantastic!


aqua dog 007










Benny’s gets a lot of tourists. These lovely ladies were from Idaho.


yes 3










The fun and fanciful art on the wall depicts, Benny (Walt’s dog who is the real owner), in different scenes on South Padre Island.


bennys 069










Here is Benny hanging ten.


bennys 067













Here is Benny parasailing.


bennys 068










Here is Walt explaining to customers that he is merely an employee and as long as he keeps Benny’s #1 rule enforced: NO CATS! he is allowed to stay on the payroll.


bennys 048










Hot good food at great prices has hit the spot as the best breakfast place on South Padre Island.


bennys 046










This is one of their mammoth cinnamon rolls after I requested they melt the icing a little for me. Cinnamon rolls are super-affordable at a measley $2.00 each. Come in, get a pan of them and treat your family and friends to hot cinnamon rolls that amaze people with their size. 2 bucks for a BIG delicious cinnamon roll- I am not kidding you. This is one of the best deals I have found on South Padre Island, for real. This one can’t be beat.


bennys 040










The breakfasts are made-to-order and you get them exactly how you want them.


bennys 059










The gang at Benny’s likes to put smiles on people’s faces.


yes 2










Everyone knows how much I love burgers. I am quite enamored of them, I must say. I met quite a formidable contender for #1 spot in my heart here at Benny’s in the burger category and it won. This is their jalapeno sourdough burger. I cannot describe the taste – food must be enjoyed by the palate, not just the eyes. I will only say that you have to try this one. There is no jalapeno heat, in fact, the bread has a delicious … oh, I just have to tell you to discover this for yourself. It is like me trying to tell you what it felt like to be underwater in that Sea Trek tank or what it feels like to be up in the air. Some things have to be experienced in order for you to be able to know what they are like. No secondhand experience works here. This burger, for now, has toppled off others as number one right now until I discover something better. Most people who have taken my recommendation and have tried this agree, that it is tops now for them too. A little over $7.00 for this huge burger and the thick, hot fries is fine by me because I know how good it is.


bennys Y& schlitt 007










Benny’s is across from Schlitterbahn and in the Sea Ranch Marine Center by the water. To get there, you take a RIGHT after you get off the causeway on the island and keep going til right before you get to the toll station at Isla Blanca Park. Turn right when you see the sign below. Bring an appetite. The bigger the appetite, the harder you’ll fall.. in love with Benny’s By the Bay Cafe.


Bennys migas 007


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