S’Mores Night at the KOA on South Padre Island


This is NOT a postcard. This is the view you get of the sunset from the award-winning KOA campground on South Padre Island.

KOA 147











Can you imagine having this kind of beauty in your life every single day? Would you love it?


KOA 144











It seems as if I told these trees to pose and they leaned in together like people do. Isn’t that weird?


KOA 140













This is Stacie, a new friend I had the great honor of meeting down at the KOA. I had been wanting to go down there and meet those fine folks since the beginning of summer because I had heard about all the fun they were having over there.


KOA 135













Boy, did they! They had S’mores on Friday nights right before the fireworks shows and Tie Dye Shirt-making, Sundae and RootBeer Float making parties, outdoor movies, and nothing but fun, fun, FUN!


KOA 131











There is a beautiful playground for the kids.


KOA 167










KOA 166











Gail and Cia came here from Bar Harbor, Maine in a trip that was around 2600 miles. Because they travel in an RV, it was an awesome trip.


KOA 154











It’s always funny when your mom screws up and burns the marshmallows cuz moms can fix and do anything so seeing them mess something up is hilarious .


KOA 165











The KOA was the place to be for fun this summer on Friday night – S’mores nights.


KOA 163











Chocolate, marshmallow and sweet graham crackers = GOOD TIMES!


KOA 160











How long ago was it since YOU did this? For real, try to remember.


KOA 148










KOA 161










Doesn’t this smile say it all?


KOA 168










Here is a You Tube video of the fun S’mores get togethers (click on this link) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uW6rc6mVgs8


You can make S’mores with the gang down at the KOA campground on South Padre Island on Labor Day weekend. It will be the last bash of the summer. You can contact the KOA here – http://koa.com/where/tx/43238/


~ by islandprincess15 on August 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “S’Mores Night at the KOA on South Padre Island”

  1. Absolutely wonderful photos!

  2. You make South Padre Island sound and look like Paradise. The more of your Blog Posts I read, the more I wish I could come their and visit for a few weeks. I love the photos that you take. Your writing and the photos put a spell on a person without him or her realizing it. You do a very good job of promoting South Padre Island.

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