KOA – Cool Tie Dye Shirt Making


I was lucky enough to finally make it out to the tie-die shirt making out at the beautiful and award-winning KOA campground on South Padre Island. I had wanted to go all summer long and be a part of the great fun they were having.  What great jobs do Cia and Gail have to be able to do this all summer long? What great fun! I had always wondered how the actual process of tie-dyeing shirts went and it was so cool to watch the actual steps that are taken to create such uniquely beautiful works of art.


Attendees watched intently as Cia shows them the different ways to bind the material for the desired pattern.


KOA 169










The only real way to learn something is “hands-on learning” so you are allowed to do your own shirt and the KOA entertainment team is there for backup if you need guidance during each step of the process.












You dip your bound material into the colors you want. The whole spectrum of the rainbow was provided for you so you had a good selection of hues to choose from.


KOA 170

























KOA 182













 These are great family-bonding times that create lifelong memories. 


KOA 180













The exciting part is the unraveling step – where you hope that your creation turns out alright. 


KOA 177















KOA 178













These are examples of the spiral design that reminded me of shells cut horizontally.



KOA 179











Each time a roll is unraveled it comes out with a different and unique pattern.  Here is Gail showing one of the beautiful works of art she helped a guest create. She is one of the great people who work over at the KOA on South Padre Island.


KOA 174










They even get fancy down there and make heart-shaped patterns. Doesn’t this look glorious?


KOA 181












You can come down and be a part of the fun on Labor Day weekend. The KOA is located on the south side of South Padre Island.  You take a right after you get off the causeway and it will be the first entrance to your right. You can’t miss it. It’s where all the fun is!


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  1. this looks like so much fun!

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