KOA South Padre Island – Condo

I love being able to share neat things I find at South Padre Island, TX. Imagine my surprise when I found out the KOA has a condo you can rent. Imagine my  surprise as someone in the condo rental field, when I saw how beautiful it was.


When you enter this delightful condo, you immediately feel a sense of tranquility because of the tropical foliage in the room. Nothing says nature and its beauty like gorgeous plants and greenery in a room.


KOA 073













These cool windows are a unique and modern touch.


KOA 074










Tropical tranquility.


KOA 082











Beautiful sea-green touches foreshow the colors used in the tropical beach theme that is carried throughout the spacious condo.


KOA 075











Beautiful, light and airy – I can see myself whipping up a quick, easy late Sunday breakfast here before heading out to the pool or the beach.


KOA 076











The bedroom is neat, lines sharp, yet it has a cozy feel.


KOA 081













The bathroom accents are gorgeous.


KOA 080













The Hollywood-style makeup lights in the bathroom are perfect for getting ready on a Saturday night before going out to a nice dinner at Wildfork, Louie’s or Amberjacks.


KOA 078













Having a washer/dryer is a super nice convenience that some of the very expensive condos you will find thru a condo rental agency do not have. This amenity is a real luxury.


KOA 079












To find out more about this beautiful condo and how you can stay here click here – http://southpadrekoa.com/


~ by islandprincess15 on August 21, 2009.

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