KOA South Padre Island – Lodges


This is one of the views of the beautiful blue bay from the award-winning KOA campground on South Padre Island, Texas. I came across this scene as I was being shown one of the available lodges. 


KOA 097










Bright whites and cool blues make this picture look like the perfect painting. Many artists retire down here and have ample opportunity to turn the gorgeous scenery into something personalized and memorialized on canvas or whatever medium is preferred. This is an example of real-life being too aesthetically-pleasing to NOT paint.


KOA 113











My tour guide, Phil, opened up this door and I was amazed at what I saw.


KOA 103














This is the view you could have every morning from your deck while you are having your coffee, or just enjoying the view in the afternoon or evening.


KOA 106











KOA 104












KOA 107













There is a wonderful restaurant called Pier 19 not a stone’s throw away from the kampground that constantly has some kind of exciting action going on. You could watch the boats come in or the pirate boat come by from the comfort of your own spacious deck. 


KOA 105













I loved the stark color contrasts, the luxurious wood, the use of glass to maximize natural beauty and the use of greenery to bring the outside in.


KOA 102













Sharp angles jut up into the beautiful ceiling. What a stunning photo… what a stunning place! 


KOA 108













Everywhere, the tropical theme reminds you that you are to take this in: breathe this in and breathe deep because it is not a dream. You are in paradise and in your own private villa. 


KOA 109













KOA 110











Bathrooms are clean, bright and the decor is fun. 


KOA 100













Excellent maximization of space. Perfect for families with kids. 


KOA 098













The master bedroom has its own cold-air blasting unit and a gorgeous view of the impeccable grounds. 


KOA 099













Even as I was walking out to leave, the place hit me with yet another “Check this view out!” as I looked to my left.  This is another stunning view from the side sliding glass door. This is separate from the two doors that open out onto the other deck that is spacious enough to have the seating area with a table and chairs.


KOA 112












If you want more information on how to stay at this stunning place click here: http://southpadrekoa.com/


~ by islandprincess15 on August 22, 2009.

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