KOA – Crew


When you have an award-winning place that continues to receive accolades year after year after year, you can best bet it is the people behind the place that are extraordinary.


KOA 008













Such is the case with the South Padre Island KOA.


KOA 040













Aside from the incredibly beautiful grounds, here accented by pink and purple flowers,


KOA 002











and impressive, flourishing tropical foliage


KOA 003










that is a pleasure for the eye to behold


KOA 006



























it is the people behind the scenes that make a place special.
















This is Linda. She will help make your stay at KOA – South Padre Island run as smoothly as possible.


KOA 070













Tom Brooks is the campground host who graciously allowed me to meet the rest of his incredible staff.













His beautiful wife, Stacie, is so much fun to know. I discovered, among her many other wonderful talents, that she is a ventriloquist and that she and Tom entertained on cruise ships for nine years after college.















Here, Phil is explaining something to Steve, who helps keep the grounds immaculate and kampground running smoothly.















The beauty of the kampground is amazing and pervasive.















Seriously beautiful and impeccably neat and clean.


KOA 005












Gail and Cia round out the rest of the crew. You cannot find two nicer or more fun friends. The people at KOA are absolutely some of the nicest and most generous I have met on South Padre Island. You can’t help but feel like you are meeting a family when you meet them and then, you don’t just meet them… they welcome you kindly into their family.












Speaking of family, this is Phil’s family. His daughter, Kim and Nate, on the left, are down for a visit of a few days. Boy, what a visit it’s been! From amazing dinners to pirate ship cruises, fishing trips, dolphin watches and tours, Phil and Linda made sure the kids had a fantastic time while in this tropical paradise. Here they are about to embark on a personalized, guided tour of Matamoros. How awesome is that? Melba is the wonderful tour guide in the driver’s seat. She tells of the history of South Padre Island. I learned so much from just the few minutes we had together. She took me back in time and I tried to imagine this area being Mexico. She told me of days when Matamoros was the largest port in the northern part of Mexico so there was an influx of people here from all over: Italy, Spain, and many other countries. She even said that Matamoros had an opera house. I was amazed. I never pictured Matamoros being a mecca of sorts, yet, that is because I am still learning. There is so much to be learned about this area rich in age-old history.


KOA 018











You can join their Matamoros cruises and learn as you experience the place today, while you travel back in time to yesterdays long gone if you call this number.


KOA 068













I just realized that KOA backwards is A-OK and that is just too cool.




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