Labor Day Weekend Fireworks Extravaganza 2009


This weekend promises to be a most spectacular one on South Padre Island, a barrier island on the southern tip of Texas on the Gulf Coast.


jail and fireworks 155



There will be fantastic fireworks this weekend. Fireworks have been the Friday night special on South Padre Island all summer long but Labor Day weekend marks the end of the spectacularly sizzling shows.


jail and fireworks 154



In the late afternoon, that is when people’s minds start turning to the upcoming pyrotechnic extravaganza and they head out toward the bay side of South Padre Island. These guys, pictured below, could not sit idly by and had to try to catch some fish while they were waiting for the show.



jail and fireworks 108



The darker it gets, the more boats come out to watch the show.


jail and fireworks 107



It turns out to be a show for you, the bystander, because you get to see boats of all different types and shapes.



jail and fireworks 111



The most fun boats to watch pass by are the party boats because they have lights, music and people in different stages of “sunset appreciation” onboard who are dancing to the rythmic beat.



jail and fireworks 127



As it gets darker, the lights cast by those party boats get more beautiful.



jail and fireworks 120




jail and fireworks 135



so does the sunset…



jail and fireworks 113



South Padre Island has really glorious sunsets.



jail and fireworks 119



jail and fireworks 140



You can watch from the number one fireworks show watching hotspot – Louie’s Backyard or go down to the end of most any street that leads towards the bay, pack your totable chair, some cold beverages and get ready for the show.



jail and fireworks 144



These pictures are absolutely NOTHING compared to the 3-d effect of watching them in an endless sky. PLEASE do yourself a favor, one last time this summer and go watch the show. The fireworks shows will be on Friday night and Saturday night at 9:15 pm over the bay on South Padre Island. You deserve to see this spectacular event.


jail and fireworks 151




jail and fireworks 156


~ by islandprincess15 on September 4, 2009.

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