The Ultimate Labor Day Experience on South Padre Island


The ultimate day on this Labor Day weekend on South Padre Island would involve getting a flag raft and heading on down to the beach.




There are different activities which you can partake of which require different energy levels. You can have a heart-racing, thrilling adventure.


kiteboarding 012



or take in the sights at a more leisurely pace.


puppies (215)



This is about my activity level at the beach.





Kids, though, will be awed by nature and its cycles.





After about two minutes or so they won’t care about the majesty of it or how it all works; they’ll just jump right in.





This is a great place to make family memories that will last a lifetime. 





After playing in its water, you can enjoy South Padre Island’s live acts that perform at palapa-studded places on the beach. 


bennys Y& schlitt 053



You can either watch people playing in the waves and sand at the beach, or watch the musical acts.





You can take a dolphin-watching trip and see these majestic creatures play in their playground


puppies (42)


You can cool off at the waterpark and enjoy the last few times that the waterpark will be open this year.




I swear one evening when I heard, “Schlitterbahn Waterpark will be closing in 15 minutes,” over the intercom, I heard the collective breaking of over a thousand little kids’ hearts all at the same time.


manuels and sea trek 047



You could take a fishing trip and bring in your supper. 





 No matter where you are on this tropical island, you will be impressed by its stunning natural beauty.





For dinner, you could have a fry-a-thon with your closest friends






or have a chef-prepared exquisite meal. 


jimmys joanna wildfork 014



Then you could head on over to Gravity Park and watch the bravehearts take a dive. 


pirate louis bungee 244



There are many musical acts on the bay side of the island that will keep you entertained.


teaparty pier19 palmst 209



The party boats are the best place to dance, in my opinion.





You could then watch one of our spectacular sunsets.


teaparty pier19 palmst 200







Then top the night off with the fireworks show




and then dance the night away.


kiteboarding and wanna wannas 122


Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone! May it be a fun and safe one!  – Island Princess


~ by islandprincess15 on September 5, 2009.

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