It Ain’t Over Til the Fat Lady Leaves the Park


My favorite haunt is closing down soon. What a great summer it was! The season pass I was given to Schlitterbahn was certainly one of the best gifts I had ever been given in my life. It provided for so much fun on the many three-digit degree days down here. I used to go right when the park opened and stay until it started getting crowded, then go home. I would go back to the park in the evening once the majority of the people had left, then I would stay until closing. There is a very strong current circulating around the park which I would swim against sometimes, for exercise. The water was a perfect temperature and was kept super-clean. It was really a wonderful time, every time.


manuels and sea trek 046


The sandcastle playground is a sizable one and provides a ton of fun for the kids as well.


bennys Y& schlitt 095


What I loved about the Schlitterbahn waterpark was that they allowed ice chests so you did not have to spend money on food and drinks there if you did not want to. A big group could eat cheaply with a loaf of bread, some ham and cheese and a case of soft drinks or tea for a day-long trip to the waterpark. One-day admission prices were between $30-$40 dollars so the admission added up fast and being able to bring your own food and beverages was a welcome relief to those watching their expenditures. Plus, on days when I was dieting, all three of them, it allowed me to eat salads I made myself so I could stick to the permitted foods on the diet.


manuels and sea trek 087



Of course there were many options that were so delicious, you wanted to buy them no matter what the price.


manuels and sea trek 082



manuels and sea trek 083



Thank God this was the only hurricane we saw this year.


manuels and sea trek 080



You could go to The Shrimp Haus, Schlitterbahn’s on-site restaurant and get food like this:


bennys Y& schlitt 099



Most  groups were large, though, and took their own food and beverages.


bennys Y& schlitt 081



The lazy river felt so good.


manuels and sea trek 048







It seemed as if this seagull was just watching the action from a safe perch. 


manuels and sea trek 084


 Sea Trek is the awesome underwater diving adventure that could be had for $20.00 but was well worth it for the experience.


manuels and sea trek 085



This was a book near the Sea Trek tank I found interesting because it identified many of the local fish. Whiting, on the bottom left, I recognized immediately as some real good eatin’ from some bay fishing trips with Gladiator II Adventures, the best charter fishing service around.


manuels and sea trek 066


Regular one-day admission is close to $40.00. I went up to 7 times a week. That would have been $280.00 a week, for 12 weeks, which adds up to … “chingos” in Spanish, which means “a lot.” This season pass was $120.00, paid for itself over and over, and is certainly on the top of the list of best gifts I have ever received in my life. My husband receives 50,000 pts. for this Mother’s Day gift that paid for itself not just financially, but physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It was great physically because I was able to exercise to my heart’s content in a very safe environment (all you had to do was stand up if you got tired from swimming and you were safe) and it felt wonderfully luxurious to be in that water. Emotionally, because it made me so happy and spiritually because I gave thanks to God for the luxury of being able to be there. I thanked God for my health, and the health of my family and our great success business-wise. I prayed for my family and friends and sent thoughts of health, safety and well-being as I floated around the park on the lazy river. I prayed for people suffering from disease, poverty and bad attitudes. I prayed for those who were dying or had died and I asked for their souls to be blessed and rest in peace. I prayed a lot on those trips and for people who will never know I prayed for them. As this Schlitterbahn season closes, I pray for the many employees who lost their jobs and are going through a rough time finding employment elsewhere. I thank God that I have never been without a day of work even when changing jobs. I truly believe that a period of unemployment is one of the worst things a person can go through and my favorite article is this one:

May God bless everyone who has to deal with losing their summer employment and especially those who had to move to another city because their job was seasonal. May their transition be as smooth and stressless as possible and may those living in seasonal places like ours, be able to make it through the winter. It was an amazing summer and there is no one to thank but our Lord for it all.


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