South Padre Island Snapshots

This picture, taken at the South Padre Island Convention Center, is one of my favorites because of the lines and angles involved.


sylvia 133



In this one, I wanted to relate how large the wall is when you are there. It dwarfs you.


sylvia 134



This is the upper deck at Louie’s Backyard; from there, you can see the expanse of the Laguna Madre (bay) or all the people dancing down below.


Vday 109



Sometimes, the bay was so placid, you could actually see the reflections of the buildings in the water.


water 029



The angles and lines on this building in Brownsville, caught my eye.


border violence 011



The intensity of the heat of the light was attention-grabbing.


jimmys daddys kites 078



Birds of a feather…


teaparty pier19 palmst 215



These are the lights of Port Isabel dancing on the water.


night fishing trip 016



These are our new underwater fishing lights at Gladiator II. These will provide for many a fun fishing trip at night. The second set of lights is being installed now. They shoot 70 feet into the water’s depths.


chinese buffet & boat 043


aqua dog 011



Mama Duck trailed by baby ducks.


bakery & ducks 028



This is the view of the bay from the gorgeous lodge at the KOA campground.


KOA 107



Pure contentment.


chinese buffet & boat 047



I loved these moments. Every time the bucket fills up, it dumps its contents on the waiting recipients.


schlitterbahn 039



This walkway led from Schlitterbahn (waterpark) to the beach.


beach & fishing trip 6-30-09 010



The angles of the roof remind me of the Sydney Opera House in Australia.


beach & fishing trip 6-30-09 001



It is good luck to find a sand dollar.


aqua dog 111



Food is beautiful to me.


chinese buffet & boat 028



This whole scene was gorgeous.


chinese buffet & boat 033


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