South Padre Island Snapshots 2

We are lucky to have a pirate ship down here. Every trip starts off with a bang, literally.


pirate fire 090



The pirate ship stands out from other boats whether you see it from far away…





or closer to shore. It is a gorgeous vessel.


pirate ship



Speaking of gorgeous, here is one of the dearest friends I have, Sandyfeet, a professional sandcastle sculptor, doing what she does best.


sandyatbeach 061



One of the things I love about children at the beach, is their total awe of the water cycle.





There are many things to awe you down here on South Padre Island.


memorial day 035



I consider myself very lucky in life: lucky in marriage, lucky I have the family I do, lucky I am in good health in spite of my dietary indulgences, lucky in business, but I feel most lucky to be able to be here and be living the life I am living.


5 kings



What dietary indulgences you might ask? Well, these are my friends. They call me when I am away from them too much. Only I can hear them from behind their glass cases. It is up to me to free them from their confinement behind those glass cases with my powerful American money. I am their savior and they love me for it. See how happy they are when I come to save them? The pictures cannot lie. Look at the little man (top center); his arms are outstretched because he is jumping up and down with joy.


bakery & ducks 053



I like this shot because it shows the pink of the jetties. These rocks are huge and it is a wonder to think of all the man hours and toil it took to get them there.





Silence is golden.


memorial day 055


~ by islandprincess15 on September 13, 2009.

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