My Stepfather was Monet


One of the talents I have not had a chance to develop is the art of painting. I feel that a painter would have a wonderful time here. Can you imagine each of the following images as paintings?


 sunrise 1














































 tropical plants Belle washed 021 




tropical plants Belle washed 022





The photo above is of the love of my life as he is feeding the ducks. A rustic wooden bench had been added to our favorite spot by this resaca where we used to spend our afternoons on a blanket picnicking.


A submarine sandwich big enough for two from the Walmart deli = $2.99. A bag of chips = $1.50. Some tea or a soft drink = under a dollar. Someone you love sharing the meal with you on a blanket on a lazy summer afternoon = PRICELESS.





bakery & ducks 028



bakery & ducks 033


I want to let Robert and all the other Winter Texans looking at these pictures and missing the area know that we all miss you VERY much and cannot wait for you to come back to the beauty, warmth and love that is waiting for you here. Sometimes the first thing I say in the morning is, “God granted me another day with my husband, YAY! May I make the most of it.” Never before in my life have I been more appreciative of what I have. I pray that the upcoming fall/winter is good for us all and that our health is strong enough to withstand whatever comes our way. I pray that we all are able to enjoy good, happy times with our friends and families. Know that we, on South Padre Island, miss our Winter Texans dearly and can’t wait for you to come back. The weather is perfect, the water warm and the sun warmth embraces you every day here. I can’t wait to share the warmth and beauty with you again!


~ by islandprincess15 on September 17, 2009.

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