B & S Part I

The small taste of magnificent color only whets your appetite for more when you see this banner outside of B&S Kites on Padre Blvd. on South Padre Island.


jimmys daddys kites 062



 The palm trees the owner has on display indicate what a tropical paradise this is. These are used as Christmas trees during the holiday season instead of the popular pine tree you see everywhere else in the nation.


jimmys daddys kites 031



 These beautiful swirls of color seem surreal and the beautiful vibrant colors on the kites in the background make the purchase of ONE so hard because that means you would have to choose. 


jimmys daddys kites 040


jimmys daddys kites 034




jimmys daddys kites 046



There are many hand-carved wooden pieces that are sure to be a conversation piece with visitors or guests to your home.


jimmys daddys kites 049



B&S Kites is also the source for the most adorable home and outdoor decorations.


jimmys daddys kites 052



Not EVEN spooky.


jimmys daddys kites 054




jimmys daddys kites 050



 Ahhhh, this sign says, “Every hour is happy hour.”


jimmys daddys kites 060



 This store was crowded with shoppers.


jimmys daddys kites 055


If you want adorable home and outdoor decorations for the fall and upcoming holiday season, there is no reason to try and find a place that compares. B&S Kites is the ONLY place to shop and if you want the coolest kites to fly on the many windy days here, don’t waste time. Go to B&S Kites for the best selection in awesome kites and kiting accessories.


~ by islandprincess15 on September 27, 2009.

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