Hot Fall Fun


There is nothing better than a walk along the shores of this tropical paradise with the man or woman of your dreams. These pictures were taken in October 2009. How is it where you are?


vegas2 042


When the red advisory flags are out on the beach it means the winds are very strong. Winds affect the waves so the waves are very strong and the UNDERTOWs are furiously raging. Undertows are currents running beneath the SURFACE of the water and are VERY VERY deadly.


vegas2 041


My mom never used to let us go to the beach. I thought she was just being her normal, overprotective self. Well, one day I was looking through an old scrapbook of hers and came across a yellowed newspaper article. Her brother was valedictorian at their high school and the class came out to the beach to celebrate their graduation. He got caught in an undertow and drowned. How horrible! I understand her hatred of the beach now. I know people will write to me and say “it wasn’t the beach’s fault”. I know this. I just understand how when somebody dies, the loved ones left behind can place their anger somewhere, and in some cases, should. I should develop an aversion to sugar and stay the hell away from it because my father died a diabetic death, but here I am on my fourth coconut and white chocolate chip cookie as I write this.


As sugar can be good to some people and bad for some and as winds can be horribly deadly to beachgoers, they can also be a source of immense pleasure for surfers. Check out the looks on these surfers’ faces. They are so excited they just can’t hide it.


vegas2 048



When the winds are up, the surfers are down… by the beach catchin’ those waves.


vegas2 050



Surfers aren’t the only ones loving that wind.


vegas2 062



vegas2 070




vegas2 071



vegas2 076



vegas2 056



vegas2 067



vegas2 064



This black bird thought he was so smart. While the owners’ of the food in these bags backs were turned, he was pickin’ away. He kept looking around to see who was going to turn him in.


vegas2 074


~ by islandprincess15 on October 25, 2009.

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