Cece’s in Port Isabel

There is a place in Port Isabel that is booming right now and I am so glad it is packed every time I go over because the staff works so hard to put great food on the tables. I love it when businesses are a success. This new favorite restaurant of mine is called Cece’s and is in the shopping center behind Churches Chicken by the intersection of Hwy 100 and Hwy 48. I am glad that the Winter Texans discovered this place and are keeping it full. These Winter Texans, below, chatted up a storm in the dining area at Ceces.

I love the art there. I love powerful, vibrant colors and the paintings on the wall are simply beautiful.

Every time I go, every single table has been taken. I love it!

I love to start out a Mexican food meal with chips and salsa. I like the chips to be light and crispy and not hard and inedible. Cece’s are nice and crispy and the salsa is not so hot it ruins the meal like at other restaurants. The salsa here has a great flavor and a mild heat.

The fish special is a buck or two more than the cheapest all-U-can-eat special BUT it is so worth it. The fish is not all breading and it is the first all-U-can-eat-special where I have not asked for extra pieces of fish. I believe this was the first time ever I did not ask for extra fish. The food was that good and filling.


Our waitress was nice, friendly and had a beautiful smile.  This very handsome man was having the Mexican plate.

Tomorrow we will explore Cece’s awesome breakfast specials.


~ by islandprincess15 on January 23, 2010.

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