About Pure Padre

Pure Padre is the highly popular blog of Gladiator II Adventures, a very successful charter fishing service in the South Padre Island area. Captain Terry Hansen has established himself as an honest, fair captain who has dedicated himself to making sure people enjoy fishing. A master hunting and fishing guide in Nevada for 22 years, Capt. Hansen now shares his vast knowledge and love of the sport with children and novices finally taking that step and learning how to fish. He can show you fishing basics while he teaches you what types of bait and techniques work for different species. He tells you about the fish you just caught right after you catch it. He makes you laugh as he shares stories and experiences about his many fishing adventures.

He is straightforward and honest and once turned the boat around and deposited a couple back on land because the husband who booked the trip did not care that the wife was turning green. Capt. Hansen refunded the angry husband’s money in full and explained that he would have no part in that trip. Safety is number one with Gladiator II Adventures. (We have certain procedures that we recommend you take when you call and book a trip with us that help prevent seasickness and yes, you can get seasick on the bay.) This client did not follow Capt. Terry’s recommendations and did not care that his wife was suffering. (If there is a safety hazard due to the weather or if the fish that you are after are not there, Capt. Hansen will let you know.) Capt. Hansen is not out to make a quick buck and will tell you if the fish you want are not there, or if it is just not safe enough to go on that day. He modifies your fishing trip to what you want but also to what is out there and does his best to make sure you have a great time. It is this straightforward honesty that has made Capt. Hansen a super-popular captain.

If you have kids or are a novice yourself, you can’t find a better captain to introduce you to fishing. He will teach you about the species in the bay or offshore in the Gulf, wherever you may be.

If you are a seasoned fisherman or are ready to go a step farther than quiet bay fishing, GET READY TO ROCK-N-ROLL! Gladiator II Adventures now has TWO BRAND-NEW MOTORS INSTALLED on their boat and you will waste no time getting to blue water. Our new E-Tech looks like this:


This is a high-performance engine that will take you on a trouble-free trip. The safety equipment onboard is USCG-certified. We use Penn reels, Islander lures, the freshest bait possible, and the latest in electronics. From outriggers to downriggers, we find the fish.

ALSO, BRAND-NEW UNDERWATER LED ON-HULL FISHING LIGHTS HAVE BEEN INSTALLED – This takes bay fishing to a new level. Watch the colorful lights of Port Isabel dance on the surface of the water in the cool of the night as you get hit after hit on your line. (All snook best watch out now!)

Offshore -These lights can shower the fish in light up to depths of 70 feet. These lights can be set at a permanent stream of light or pulsating for extreme effect. Flying fish will actually jump in the boat from all the stimulation of these lights. They are especially effective on night tarpon fishing.



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