What is Important?

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I just had a dream where I was on a plane looking down at the clouds hovering over a city. The clouds looked like toasted, browned popcorn and I figured EVERY city puts out its fair share of pollution. Then the plane started dropping altitude. I looked down to the scenery and figured out that there was no way the majority of us, if anyone, were going to survive that crash. I thought immediately of my family; I was with my spouse and thought of my daughter on land. It would have to be acceptable to her. It would have to be – there was no way out of this. It was just something she was going to have to deal with for the rest of her life. Then the plane bottomed-out and leveled and headed for water. I was so relieved and thought, “Cool, we are going to make it!” Then the pilot said, “We have to ascend,” and we tried but the plane could not gain altitude but at least we were landing on water and had a CHANCE of survival instead of crashing into solid ground.

The next scene was a scene where survivors were being comforted. I had a mental connection with others since I had been in the crash but lived. I also had a connection with my mom, who had passed away. I was crying and a Mexican lady told me, “Why are you crying? What are you crying for?” (and she was right for I had been given a second chance at life and should be rejoicing.)

I woke up with a sense of unloading. I have to unload all the crap that is weighing me down and inhibiting my enjoyment of a full life. I feel bogged down at the moment by all my crap, all my possessions. They really serve no purpose in life. All you need is what you need and the rest is just baggage weighing you down. I am resolved now to get rid off all that is weighing me down.

I am going to have a garage sale and aim for getting some money for my stuff then donating it all to charity. This reminds me of George Carlin’s bit about “stuff” – how we all need more stuff then we need a bigger place to keep all of our stuff. Stuff that is just weighing us down has no place in our lives. The hard part is letting go. Wish me luck on letting it go.


A Glorious Day of Miracles

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Today has been one of the most glorious days of my life. I am writing from the hospital though and this computer keeps erasing any advances I make so I am going to cut it short and add later but all I can say is that today has been nothing but miracle after miracle after miracle. I feel SO blessed and know I am from the core of my being and throughout every single cell in my body.

What an Incredible Year It’s Been

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I can honestly say that the last three years have been the best time of my life. I met and married the most handsome, romantic, smart and funny guy I have ever met. It was a blessing just to meet him, much less become “his girl”. My daughter entered high school, got a great summer job that has evolved into year-round employment that she loves, and is generally a happy kid. I continue to have many avenues to exert my energy with multiple jobs and artistic and entreprenueurial outlets and I still manage to be online a lot. This blog continues to let me meet the most wonderful people.

My being online has made my writing life richer. It was through the Internet that I met my precious friend, Jerry Wilson and his beautiful wife, Jacky. Jerry was the one who taught me how to blog and do video and write for different purposes than I had known. He and his awesome wife have a marketing business and also have a wedding business. They kindly give me writing assignments so that I can keep up my writing skills. I have learned search-engine optimization through them. That means I get to combine regular writing and advertising while  focusing on key marketing terms then blend them all magically into a cohesive and interesting article. I love it! I also joined a local writer’s group, the Laguna Madre Writer’s Forum and felt immediately accepted and respected. They loved the works that I shared. My goal this year is to work on my book more as it is going to help so many people.

My being online has enriched my social life. Sandyfeet, the amazing person and sandsculptor, and Sam Wells, the vivacious thinker and avid fisherman were met through the technical tentacles this computer sends out. I met the wonderful crew down at the KOA this year because of my blog and that led to many, many good times with those incredible folks. I got my present job online and absolutely love it! (Every time one job ends for me, another opportunity comes right along and I have never have to go more than one day without work. God has always provided me with work and I am truly blessed in that fashion.) I love my new job and keep getting compliments on from the clientele. The last group said they could tell I love it. That has always been the case for me; people can tell I love my job and that helps them enjoy it too. Many, many people contact me online to ask about the South Padre Island area and ask my honest opinion on things and I tell them. People can tell at work that I am honest and they appreciate that. I give them my honest opinion about what I think would be best for them and I am usually right and that makes for a better experience for them.

I have been asked, “Why are you always happy?” or “Are you ever in a bad mood?” – I choose to be happy. Abraham Lincoln said, “A man is about as happy as he sets his mind out to be.” I have read so many self-help books and have been through enough that I KNOW that happiness or misery is my choice. I can lead my mind where I want it to be. I can make myself cry when I think of children suffering, horrible events, and when I chastize myself for past mistakes or I can lead my mind to pleasant places, accept my shortcomings and tell myself it is alright, I am taken care of, God is with me. I can either berate myself for not being the perfect person I was supposed to be or accept that I am not perfect, have made some idiotic choices, forgive myself  and must learn to make better choices in the future. I can dwell on my losses, inadequacies, continual dieting failures or can learn to accept that I am a work in progress and can, with practice, create new, good habits. I have learned to practice living in the moment and enjoying life NOW.  I have learned that I need to just be glad for being right here, right now, at this time in my life. There is no need to dwell on the past because it is GONE, really. (Airlines have a limit on carry-on baggage for a reason!) The smart thing to do is take the lesson learned from each experience and use it to make a better life so I start every day anew, using the tools and techniques I know work for me to have the ultimate day I can. My goal is to continue to lead myself in the right direction all the time, everyday. I am not aiming for perfection, just improvement spiritually, emotionally, physically and in my home and love life.

I know that my parents who have gone on to heaven obviously had a hand in putting me here and allowing me to meet my present husband. I am still in awe of how wives survive losing their husbands, like my mom did hers (to diabetes) and am terrified of losing mine. We have his major surgery coming up in January and my only hope is that he makes it solidly through the operation and any ensuing infections. That is our fear – infection. My goal for the next year is to keep an awesomely clean, uncluttered and impressive house and make our bedroom the most wonderful, cozy recuperating room he could ever have. We got a fancy big TV at a ridiculously marked down price and are going to set that up today with a surround sound system for his recuperating comfort and enjoyment. My goal is to be the most comforting, inspiring, caring home-health provider in the world to him. I will be better than any other home-health provider we could have hired because I can provide back and neck massages, kiss him, hold him and there is nothing like love to heal someone. (Scientists have done experiments where the control group of babies that were held and loved survived while the ones who were just fed and changed and received no cuddling, carressing and felt no love, got sick and died.) I plan to use all the love and care I can to help my husband heal completely. The most inspiring love story that had to do with health came from Jacky and Jerry Wilson at http://www.southpadrelive.com/   I don’t have permission to share it online because it is their story and I haven’t asked if I can but boy is it inspiring and beautiful.  I want that. I want at least ten more years with my husband. That is all I want for Christmas and New Year’s.

People used my blog for guidance and entertainment and inspiration and that was my goal. I had the greatest time with my husband this past year. We lived in the moment, enjoyed good times and good food and laughed and loved alot. My daughter finally quit being unhappy and dissatisfied and accepted our lifestyle. We are not rich but she is not hurting for a damn thing so she accepted that she is not rich, but still better off than a lot of folk, even though most of her friends come from wealthy families who live in Laguna Vista. Her BEST friend right now lives in the projects here in this town and I am SO glad. This little girl with 6 brothers and sisters has proven herself to be of good judgement, modest, polite, well-behaved and smarter socially than the other spoiled brats out of Laguna Vista that my daughter was hanging out with. Money has a tendency to corrupt and spoil people and it was that bad, spoiled young crowd who thought they were above the rest that my daughter began the year with. They had no work ethic because everything was handed to them. Homework and school became secondary. All of a sudden what me and my husband were able to provide was not good enough. My daughter was not going to be happy with a used car for her first car because all her friends’ first cars were new trucks and brand-new cars. Her girlfriends all had designer clothes and expensive electronic gadgets and toys. Now, she is with this precious, modest girl and has her childhood priorities back. She has chilled, is content, and is even happy a lot and tells me, “I love you,” all the time. She even goes into our bedroom to watch TV with us or to chat, where she was having NONE of my new husband before. They were actually having screaming matches at some points and I was caught in the middle of that hell. There is nothing like being torn between the people you love most when they are at odds. Most people know I am calm, content and mostly happy all day long. When they would be fighting I would get so stressed and upset, it was like bad vibes were going through me and that was messing up MY calm and cool vibes. (We are all beings of energy and have our own vibes, auras or whatever your energy field to be called and they should be peaceful and calm.) That drama was so unnecessary and hurtful. Drama is good for tv but not your own house. ALL that is over and they have accepted each other and their differences. It is a pleasure even to be together now; we have enjoyed movies, fine dinners and many heart-to-heart talks this year and I owe it all to God’s grace. I owe my WHOLE LIFE to God’s grace. I would not be here if it were not for the miracle of God’s grace in my life and I hope that you reading this will be grateful for all you have and make the most of today.

Ocean Tower Implosion on South Padre Island

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There was quite a buzz about the bang heard on South Padre Island this past Sunday at 9 am. The bang was the implosion of the Ocean Towers, a magnificent high-rise that was structurally inadequate. It started sinking and the best thing to do was to raze it and start again, somebody figured.

Here is Jerry Wilson’s post that has just about every angle on that implosion:


If you want to see more video of Ocean Towers from groundbreaking to implosion go to www.southpadrelive.com – always the best coverage of the South Padre Island area.

The Path Less Trodden

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South Padre Island is home to many species of wildlife.

A recent trip out to the beach was proof that many other creatures besides homo sapiens travel these areas.

My husband is a professional tracker but I do not have those skills. The only one I could identify was the one below belonging to a Sasquatch.

And this creature’s tracks as well, greatly feared in Mexico these are the tracks of the dreaded “migra.”

Temperatures are dropping nationwide but today, December 2, 2009, we should hit 70 degrees. Remember whereever you are, it is warmer here. You should consider coming down here for the winter because life is too short to suffer through bone-chilling cold if you can avoid it. Please, do yourself a favor, and try wonderfully warm and tropical South Padre Island where the weather is warm and will do you no harm.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I was lucky enough to get invited to the Thanksgiving feast at the award-winning KOA-South Padre Island this year. You will not find nicer folks than these fine people. They put out quite an impressive spread. People were encouraged to bring a dish… boy, did they!



Whole families went and it was good to see them talking, sharing, and having a good time.



I grew up in the country so there were no neighbors or city blocks or civilization, really, so my brother and sister and I grew up playing board games and card games because computers were not even an option back then. My game collection included Scrabble, Monopoly, Risk, Sorry… all the classics.When I saw that the KOA had a Battleship game, I immediately jumped on the chance to show my daughter how to play the old-school way (without the electronic sound effects or on the computer). She quickly got the hang of it and beat me right away. (Once you find that two-shot PT boat, it’s mostly over.)



Other people got into the football game on tv.



Then it was time to eat:



The array of salads was fantastic!



Everybody ate to their heart’s content.



The dessert spread was tantalizing.




This is my pumpkin-spice cheesecake on the bottom center that is over half-gone. I have discovered how to make 13 x 9″ cheesecakes. I don’t do anything in a small way, especially when it comes to sweets.



This is another dessert we took to the party. Sweet potato pie. (Try having those around the house and not eating them.)



There were many different places on South Padre Island to eat on Thanksgiving but I feel I went to the best because of the genuine love I have for the folks over at the KOA. They are nothing but gold and they even had great news from their latest jaunt across the nation. They got a nice surprise when Tom and Stacie went to the National KOA Convention recently. Tom won the 2009 Manager of the Year Award again, a feat that is never done but he did it and to have someone who beat out the rest of the nation, right here on South Padre Island is a real honor. The campground as a whole won the 2009 Camper Satisfaction Award as well.


My thanks go out to the fine folks over at the South Padre KOA for throwing such a beautiful party. The decorations on the tables were nice and there was lots of room for everybody and more than enough food for every single person who showed up. What a fine, fine gathering that was.

The Fog

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I saw a movie recently that is a classic. It was “The Fog” and represented the things we loved about the 70’s, Adrienne Barbeau, bell bottoms, station wagons, LP’s, the hairstyles especially the “feathered look”, and movies that were not slash and gore but still managed to scare people. This movie is about a fog mist that keeps coming up to shore and when it does overcome something… people die and they don’t just die of fear, they die deaths involving sharp, pointed hooks held by pissed off pirate ghosts. You NEVER want to piss off a pirate. The movie reminded me of some of the incredible fog banks we see on the shore.

Sometimes, like in the movie “The Fog”, you can see the fog coming at you from down the street. It feels like you are going to be swallowed up by it and it is a creepy, helpless feeling.

pirate fire 013

pirate fire 014

Imagine if there were pissed off pirate ghosts in the fog and everyone in the fog mist was going to die by pirate, it would be a lot of people nowadays with high-rise condominiums that abound everywhere.

pirate fire 007

Those pissed off pirates would have to go from level-to-level and maybe you could outrun them because you could hear the warning – their peglegs coming down the hall. I bet you I could outrun a pirate ghost.

pirate fire 010

Isn’t it amazing how this multimillion-dollar, multi-level high rise building just vanished? Who needs Criss Angel?

pirate fire 008

pirate fire 011

It is that time of the year again. It is the time of turkey with all the trimmings, baked goods of all kinds, and family and friends getting together to celebrate another year of life. I am now baking delicious chocolate cake for a get-together by the lighthouse. Hope pirates don’t show up at the lighthouse like they did in that movie “The Fog”.

pirate fire 034


** I have received many hits on my blog from people searching for information on whether or not South Padre Island has red tide. I was on South Padre Island yesterday and was NOT affected by any red tide. It seems that the combinations of time, tides and the recent hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico has dissipated the red tide here. Again, all this is subject to individual preferences and I can only speak for myself, but I was not affected at all either on South Padre Island or Port Isabel on the mainland.