Elva’s Mexican Restaurant

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It is no big secret that I love to eat and I love to go out to eat but at an affordable price. I found a Mexican food place with a great buffet that is wonderful. The buffet is clean, ample and has enough variety to suit most any desire.

There is ample seating in the dining room at the entrance,

as well as in the rear dining room which is spacious enough to hold 100 people. The chandeliers are lovely, the room nice and new and there was space for a band should you want to rent the place for a special event.

While we were there, the restaurant started filling up with clientele.

Yes, those are chiles rellenos next to carne guisada. The food is delicious and can you believe chiles rellenos on a buffet? The price for the buffet is comparable to the price of ONE plate at the Mexican restaurant across the street. Needless to say, the restaurant across the street has lost a regular customer.


The owner enjoying all this success is Evelyn Salazar who is a Brownsville native. The restaurant has been in existence for 17 years but expanded recently causing an upsurge in business.

Look for this sign on Central Boulevard near the intersection of Central and Boca Chica in Brownsville…

Everybody else is… and telling their friends about it too.

Elva’s hours are 7 am to 10 pm Mon- Sat and Sunday 1 -5 p.m. The address is 1775 Central Blvd. Buffet items change regularly so check with them before you go if you want chiles rellenos. They do grilled barbecue and other meats one day and seafood another. They even have a breakfast buffet on the weekends with an omelette station. This was an absolutely wonderful discovery. Their phone number is 956-504-3371



Doomed by Gulf Oil Disaster

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I can’t sleep. This disaster has made for nightmares and sleepless nights. Sad to say, women LOVE to be told that everything is going to be alright. Maybe men do too. As children, we trusted our parents, teachers and doctors when they told us “everything’s going to be alright.” It soothed us and calmed our fears, so it was a wonderful night when I heard, “everything’s going to be alright,” from my hero husband. I said, “You promise?” and he said the words I longed to hear, “I promise.” Well, now that BP’s top kill attempt has failed and their top hat move is doubtful at best, he is seeing that I am not irrational with my fears and when I reminded him that he said everything was going to be alright, he said, “Did I say that?”

I have read and heard all the horrible predictions of what is going to happen but I have a friend in Louisiana who BEFORE this disaster was already in the direst of financial straits. Now I wonder what people are going to be like when they step into “his” world of hell. There are hundreds of thousands of people whose livelihoods are going to be crippled by this disaster. It is not just the fishermen and oil riggers who have lost their income but the many people on shore whose lives are based on  the gulf. Already the white beaches of Mississippi are bare; this adversely affects the whole area. The tourists who would have gone to the beach would have stayed in hotels and eaten in area restaurants, visited alligator farms, museums and other attractions. The owners and staff at those places are going to lose their jobs if business is bad enough. Where will they get the rent and grocery money they need to stay alive?

I heard that America was going to be a nation torn in two. I think it might be between the haves and the have-nots as more and more people plunge into despair. Paul McArtney’s bus was attacked in Mexico recently. His security team thought it was fans. It wasn’t. It was just the poor attacking those who have more. If the area I live in along the gulf becomes devastated by the oil spill, which is just a matter of time, OR if a major hurricane comes spinning around to destroy the beautiful lives we have established here, we will move to another body of water nearby. It is called Falcon Lake, recently in the news because of armed Mexican bandits accosting American fisherman in the waters. From the frying pan into the fire? It seems that the chances for a good life nearby are being reduced dramatically. I don’t know if another Katrina may hit us this year. I live with that fear. People tell me coyly, “You live in a bad place to have a hurricane phobia,” HARHARDYHARHAR. I would love to say, “Yeah, but a fear of avalanches wouldn’t do me well on the Gulf Coast, now, would it shipdit?” So I keep my mouth shut and pray a hurricane doesn’t hit us.

A hurricane would, or rather, is going to delay BP’s attempts at a relief well. My recent question to my husband was, “Can the oil be set afire by lightning from a hurricane? Can the gases escaping from the sea floor be set afire and the fire travel all the way down from the surface of the ocean?” He said no because at oil refineries there is a fire that burns off those excess gases. You’ve seen them. It looks like a torch in the sky when you pass them. Well, I reminded him, there is no fire in the gulf burning off those gases emanating from under the sea floor. IF you were holding a spilling gas container and the gas caught on fire, the fire would travel up to your hand. I know, I’ve seen it. The stream doesn’t even have to be continuous for the fire to travel. Could that happen in the gulf? Could gases burn underwater and if so, how deep would the fire travel? I have all kinds of questions in my mind. Can the sea floor collapse from the weight of the spilling oil? What if the gulf turns into one huge pot of oil? Why did our lives have to get ruined by this? My husband tells me not to worry about such things because we are such peons in the chain of things, there is nothing we can do but I reminded him money does not matter in this case. Even BP who made BILLIONS last year is a peon in the chain for nothing they do matters either now. They, with all their money, and I, with very little, stand equal on this – helpless.

Summer’s Bounty is on Its Way

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South Padre Island has a wonderful Farmers’ Market on Sundays that has spread the planting fever to many folk. It inspired me to grow my own garden as well. Here are some pics:

This is the blooming flower of a squash.


Bell pepper is growing nicely.


I actually have carrots growing.

This is broccoli.

Squash and cabbage rows.

Purple cabbage is looking great.

Rain, Rain DON’T Go Away

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It has been raining for the last few days, sending many people to spend their time indoors on the computer or drinking at the local bars. What else is there to do on a rainy day? It has been slow, slow, slow on the island for some people and busy, busy, busy for others. Padreritaville is enjoying success as the newcomer to the restaurant scene as they were packed last night for J. Michael Laferty’s “Jam Night”. Their kitchen is open til midnight so people like me, who are up at all hours of the night, have a place to go find some good food, music and fun. They have a volcano of nachos in either shrimp, chicken or beef, with delicious beans (the real kind, not canned). I met my match in the burgers there with the Padreritaville burger and their desserts are to-die-for. They have the best “Better Than Sex” cake and my “Award-Winning Pumpkin Cake” there for you to try. It was on my blog that I chronicled the 1st place win for that cake with pictures. Now it is for sale and featured on a menu at a fantastic restaurant. Isn’t life wonderful?

Easter Sunday at the SPI Farmer’s Market

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Easter joy was everywhere at the South Padre Island Farmer’s Market. Folks came out in their Sunday best to join the Easter Egg Hunt.

 Island residents and guests watched as little ones brimmed with excitement in the few moments before the bell was sounded.

Island realtor and interior designer, Lori Suissa, gives the crowd the Easter egg hunt two-minute warning.

And they’re off!!! The squeals and laughter pealed through the air as the children scrambled for the eggs and whatever surprises they held inside.

The excitement in the air was palpable as the kids scampered and scurried all over the place.


Island Princess Face Painting Inc. was there to bring smiles to the children’s faces.


Cece’s Part II

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There is a great place to take the ones you love out for a fantastic meal at an inexpensive price in Port Isabel, TX. It is called Cece’s and is a wonderful Mexican cafe that has more to offer than any other place around.

The servings are hearty, the waitstaff attentive and the food is delicious.

Doesn’t this plate look delicious?

The cheese enchiladas are soft, flavorful and the rice and beans perfect for the palate!

There are healthier alternatives too.

There is a salad bar with wonderful choices at Cece’s.

This is smooth, creamy and delicious!

This is also smooth and creamy and a delight to the senses.

Cece’s in Port Isabel

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There is a place in Port Isabel that is booming right now and I am so glad it is packed every time I go over because the staff works so hard to put great food on the tables. I love it when businesses are a success. This new favorite restaurant of mine is called Cece’s and is in the shopping center behind Churches Chicken by the intersection of Hwy 100 and Hwy 48. I am glad that the Winter Texans discovered this place and are keeping it full. These Winter Texans, below, chatted up a storm in the dining area at Ceces.

I love the art there. I love powerful, vibrant colors and the paintings on the wall are simply beautiful.

Every time I go, every single table has been taken. I love it!

I love to start out a Mexican food meal with chips and salsa. I like the chips to be light and crispy and not hard and inedible. Cece’s are nice and crispy and the salsa is not so hot it ruins the meal like at other restaurants. The salsa here has a great flavor and a mild heat.

The fish special is a buck or two more than the cheapest all-U-can-eat special BUT it is so worth it. The fish is not all breading and it is the first all-U-can-eat-special where I have not asked for extra pieces of fish. I believe this was the first time ever I did not ask for extra fish. The food was that good and filling.


Our waitress was nice, friendly and had a beautiful smile.  This very handsome man was having the Mexican plate.

Tomorrow we will explore Cece’s awesome breakfast specials.